Amazon ... grrr

  Kate B 11:24 11 Sep 2004

Well, the Netgear router turned out to be faulty, so back it went to Amazon. It arrived with them on Monday (or perhaps Tuesday at the very latest).

However, although the website says that a Netgear router is usually dispatched within 24 hours, I've only just had an acknowledgment of the return and there's no dispatch date for its replacement.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Amazon, and if so, how did you prod them into a slightly faster response? At the moment they've got my money and I haven't got a router.

  Andybear 15:49 11 Sep 2004

I used to order a lot of stuff (mainly books) from Amazon and unfortunately have experienced a lot of this discrepancy between the 'usual' despatch date on the item's web site and what Amazon actually told me. On one occasion I ordered a book which said on the web site that it is usually despatched in 24 hours. The time they gave me in the confirmation email was 4 - 6 weeks! I emailed them, asking them about the discrepancy. They replied stating that the time stated on the web page was approximate. There's a bit of a difference between 24 hours and 6 weeks! In the end I cancelled the order and ordered the book at a local independent bookshop and had it within 2 weeks. Now I very rarely use Amazon - it's too much hassle.

I know there are a lot of Amazon 'fans' out there but this is just my experience.

  mikef. 16:43 11 Sep 2004

Have you checked under your account on the site to find the delivery date

  gabriella 17:28 11 Sep 2004

Dear all

I can only praise Amazon - whenever I have ordered from them/their suppliers the service and levels of communication have been excellent throughout.

Gabriella x

  ensonricky 18:14 11 Sep 2004

I did have a similar problem to Andybear with Amazon. Delivery date on website was extended twice then had an email informing me delivery would be another 5 weeks, just before the predicted despatch date. This was supposed to be a birthday present so needless to say I eventually to my business elsewhere.

  Kate B 18:48 11 Sep 2004

mikef, yeah, under my account it just says no despatch date allocated yet. This is the first time they've let me down but it's a real bummer - not least because I don't think I can cancel it ... the card it was charged to was stolen along with my purse last week and has been stopped, so it can't be recredited with the amount! sigh.

  ManWithHat 19:49 11 Sep 2004

Is it definite you can't have the amount re-credited? A few years ago I returned something I had bought by mail order to be replaced by something with a different cost. Between my original order and the return I had reported my card lost. The retailer had no trouble refunding the original charge, they just needed to contact me for the replacement card details to put on the new charge.

  Kate B 23:53 11 Sep 2004

ManWithHat, I haven't got the replacement card yet... the only card that has been replaced snappily is my John Lewis card - which doesn't surprise me, John Lewis is really impressive:

click here

  LenG 11:01 12 Sep 2004

Just a couple of weeks back I orderd half a dozen printer cartridges from Amazon, nothing special there. All in stock and allegedly availabe with in 24hrs. One particular cartridge has recently been in short supply. I ordered the cartridges from Amazon and was given a 7 day lead time at the time of confirmation of the order. After 7 days, and no cartridges I e-mailed their Customer Service department with a request for information. I got a reply, if you can call it that. It was as if the Amazon advisor had no working knowledge of how Britain functions (is there a clue there?). I was advised there would be a delay, but my goods would be despatched with in 7 days. Needless to say after a further 7 days no goods had arrived and a second e-mail was submitted. Same type of reply which completely failed to answer any of my questions. The main one being, if all of the goods are in stock (their web site still stated so, and had for the entire duration) why hadn't they been despatched them. No answer to the question, but I was offered a £5.00 voucher. I re submitted my question again, this time I was told one item was in short supply! When I reminded them this shouldn't be a problem as they had continuously stated on their web site the items were in stock. I was advised they expected to despatch my goods with in 28 days! So what's going on... it's an old story. Advertise goods you don't hold, when you receive sufficient orders, then order from the manufacturer. As soon as the goods arrive redirect them to the customer. The advantage to the retailer, high turnover, max profit, swift cashflow, no storage fees, and a guaranteed sale. Disadvantage to customer, delay and on occasions when the manufacturer is unable to supply goods, they get given the basic run around. There is a way to defeat this practice. If the goods are a consumable you regularly require, order goods if not supplied with in 7 days cancel order immediately. Leave a week and reorder, continue doing this practice till goods arrive or until bored. If everyone did this, the results to the retailer would be a massive logistics nightmare! Very shortly only stock items would be advertised for sale. So a word to the wise... in Amazon's case, if they say they have 20 items in stock do you believe that figure to be accurate? One thing would be nice, and a challange for this Magazine... possibly even a wake up call to retailers, how about a league table for poor performing suppliers printed each month?

  It's Me 12:44 12 Sep 2004

I wonder if this is a new phenomenon.

I've always had better than expected service from Amazon, with goods of all types, books, DVDs, software, hardware and consumables, usually arriving earlier than expected and, at worst, on time.

  Kate B 13:07 12 Sep 2004

LenG, It's Me, I'm really disappointed with Amazon - they've always been pretty good until now. But I'm going to think hard about placing any more orders with them.

I've had an email saying they expect to despatch the router tomorrow (Monday). I've sent a short, sharp email back saying not good enough, you've had it back for a week, send it out today or I cancel. If they send it today, I'll be able to pick it up from the office tomorrow (I'm off this week but have to pop in), otherwise I won't have it until next week as I'm going away on Tuesday.

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