Amazon? Going downhill?

  cfcnick 16:16 10 Oct 2003

Firstly I would like to say that I highly rate Amazon and have always had great service from them with no problems until recently when I have had to cancel 2 orders due to the extremely long delivery times quoted. I tried to order some books that had just come out and was getting a 3 week expected delivery time so I cancelled the order and brought them from a bookshop instead where they were slightly dearer but I couldn't wait. Now I have just cancelled another order for a new digital camera that was showing as 'in stock - usually despatched within 1-2 days' but when I just checked my 'current orders' came up as being despatched on or about the 10th November! I will be back from my holiday by then!! These two instances are the first I have had from Amazon like this, just wondered if anyone else is having the same problems.


  SHIRGLES 16:39 10 Oct 2003

I placed an order for 7 books on 24.9.03. 2 of them were only due in stock 4-6 weeks from that date, so the whole order is being held until then.

I have used Amazon regularly in the past, but their service seems to be suffering since they reduced their free delivery to £25+.

I have also seen the books cheaper at WH Smith and intend to cancel my order.

  bremner 17:03 10 Oct 2003

I ordered a TV this week and it was delivered as promised within the time scale stated. So any problems are certainly not across the board.

  SHIRGLES 17:31 10 Oct 2003

What I'm getting at is that previously Amazon would send a partially in stock order and the rest would follow later when in stock.

Since the 'free delivery' ceiling of £25 was introduced, this doesn't seem to be the case.

  cfcnick 17:35 10 Oct 2003


To be fair to them, I think that you can specify if you want the whole order together or in bits but you will have to pay postage for each indivual item if it doesn't cost more than £25.

  SheffieldSpy 17:50 10 Oct 2003

Come on Amazon make your defence.

Amazon has already put back delivery 3 days from the time schedule shown on the website for two books that I have ordered. If the website is giving wrong details sort it out.

  bremner 18:01 10 Oct 2003

In fact my order included an Ipod which will not be available until early November, but they still sent the TV immediately.

  mikef. 18:06 10 Oct 2003

No problems I have had two orders in the last few weeks and have found that they tend to over estimate on the site, I received the first one a week before the estimated date and my latest was dispatched today 10 days ahead of the estimate.Both these were on the free delivery, if you want it dispatched immediatly you just have to pay for delivery.

Another praise, part of the last order was a set of BBC CD's but there was a repeat CD and one missing ( not Amazons fault), replacement on the way the next day.

  shifty 18:08 10 Oct 2003

I ordered the Ulead DVD picture show software and was given a delivery of two weeks. Two weeks went by and I received an e-mail giving another delivery time of a further two weeks at which point I cancelled the order.

  Belatucadrus 19:47 10 Oct 2003

To be fair to Amazon, to qualify for free delivery you have to select it and go for the single delivery, at which point the delivery becomes dependant on the slowest item. You can select "I want my items sooner. Dispatch them as soon as they become available" but this clearly says at extra cost. As to the delayed books, that sounds like the publisher has screwed up their delivery schedule, irritating, but not Amazons fault.
I've dealt with Amazon for years, they make the occasional mistake but are very good at correcting it, so despite trying others:-Tesco,101CD & Streetsonline I keep going back to them.

  pj123 20:30 10 Oct 2003

I am beginning to agree with you. I ordered a book in June 2003. I keep getting emails extending the delivery time, the latest is 23rd October 2003. Will wait and see.

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