Amazon Failure (plus extra words)

  morddwyd 10:17 15 Oct 2014

Last month I ordered some kit from Amazon (Amazon itself, not some Marketplace seller) and was given a delivery date of 15 October.

As of midnight last night they were still showing this delivery date, then at 3.00 this morning I received an e-mail telling me they had no stock and did not know when they would be getting any.

This practice is, of course, hardly unknown to on-line buyers, but one has come to expect a bit better from Amazon.

They haven't taken any money, but the practice should still be illegal. By making a firm promise they have led me not to look elsewhere.

  sunnystaines 11:57 15 Oct 2014

have you rang them for an explanation/update, always found them helpful.

  spuds 15:16 15 Oct 2014

At least they haven't kept you waiting in home for that non-delivery, or taken your money upfront, like some company's seem to specialise in doing.

If the item is all that important, then look elsewhere and see how stock situations fair there. If showing stock, then email for confirmation, before placing order.

  morddwyd 15:51 15 Oct 2014

Update - Just to confirm and clarify my OP, they have not taken any money.

I have just had an e-mail from them, and it appears that to be fair they were actually still expecting supplies at three in the morning, and were hoping to still deliver on time (I an only 30 miles from the warehouse, and I have often tracked stuff as received into stock at 5.00am, and out for delivery at 8.00).

Like all retailers they are at the mercy of their suppliers, I was a bit mad at the short notice, but they were obviously still hoping.

  morddwyd 16:25 18 Oct 2014


Amazon are now quoting December for delivery!

The item is a Galaxy Note 4 which I pre-ordered on 20 September, with a delivery date of 15 October.

They continued to quote 15 Oct until 3.00 in the morning on 15 Oct when it changed to "Nil Stock"

It was later widely reported that Samsung had failed to meet their release date.

The Note 4 is now widely available, but Amazon say that Samsung will not give them stock until 3 December!

If Samsung can keep a retailer the size of Amazon waiting two months for their pre-orders, it does say much for the marketing departments of either company!

  spuds 17:00 18 Oct 2014

Seems like Carphone Warehouse are quoting 27 October for their stock deliveries click here

  morddwyd 17:53 18 Oct 2014

Yeah, a few are quoting deliveries in three or four days.

  spuds 18:02 18 Oct 2014

There are some on eBay already. Here's one at over £500.00 with two further days of bidding to go click here

  morddwyd 11:15 21 Oct 2014

Amazon wbsite now shows it as "Discontinued by manufacturer", less than a week after launch!

They really seem certain that they don't want to sell it!

  Forum Editor 18:24 21 Oct 2014

The black version of this device has sold out, and further stocks are awaited.

In my opinion this device is too big. I don't like the pen, and it is far too expensive.

Otherwise I'm sure it's fine, but I will not be indulging.

  morddwyd 19:59 21 Oct 2014

Slightly bigger than the Note 1, but just about the same as the Note 2.

I need the extra size because of dexterity and vision problems, but I agree, it's a bit of a niche market!

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