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  gettingonabit 23:11 10 Nov 2005

I have recently been in touch with Amazon, having tried, and failed, to get my "Wish List" to be seen by others. I have genuinely tried every way to do things, and asked, many times, for Customer Service to check things out and fix it. Each time I have received their standard "bolt this into the reply" advice, getting more and more annoyed at each response. Their latest? .... I've pasted a sequence below ...

> Comments:Not for the first time, you have recommended the following
> sequence of actions to me. I quote:
> -----------
> Dear Customer
> Thank you for contacting
> We are sorry for the issue that you have faced whilst using our
website. To
> make your Wish List searchable, simply enter your Wish List page at
> following URL:
> click here
> To the right of the page, below the heading "About This List",
click on the
> "Edit this information" link, then sign in with your e- mail
address and
> password. On the next page you'll be given the options to change
> searchability of the list and update any other Wish List settings.
> If it's been more than one business day since you created your Wish
> and you are unable to find it on our website, it could be that you
did not
> make the Wish List searchable. To protect customer privacy, we let
> choose whether to make your list searchable to anyone on the Web,
> whether to restrict access to a group of friends and family that
> select.
> If this does not work please let us know.
> V Vimalan
> Customer Service
> -------------------------
> Not for the first time let me explain ...
> It does NOT work! I am sick of doing it! I have set the list to
all of the
> options in turn (and waited 24 hours between changes) and nothing
> Please stop treating me like some kid who can't walk. I teach
others how
> to use computers; set up and configure networks to CCNA level (look
it up);
> and teach computing science to degree level. I design and build
web sites
> and understand how to integrate database back-ends with the bits
you see.
> Your front-end doesn't know how to address your database, or the
setting to
> make my wish-list visible isn't being updated / recorded in your
> or there's something wrong with your SQL statements (depending on
how your
> front-end is implemented).
> My son-in-law and others I know have suffered from this problem,
too, and
> simply given up in disgust and gone elsewhere.
> Perhaps your CEO should be informed so that he can make those
> aware that customers make a business viable. You will eventually
annoy me
> enough so that you lose me.
> Please copy this to your CEO and ask that he responds. I trust
that is not
> too much to ask?
> Thank you,

Their reply??

Dear Customer

Thank you for contacting

If you choose to make your Wish List searchable, any visitor to can access your list by searching for your name or your e-mail address.

If you choose not to make your Wish List searchable, only those people to whom you send notice of your Wish List will be able to access it.
When you create your Wish List, you can enter the e-mail addresses of those people, and we will send them an e-mail on your behalf containing a link to your list.

When you share your list with others, we won't share your address or phone number with them. We display only your name, your town, and the county in which you live, and your optional self-description.

If you change your mind, you can make your list either searchable or non-searchable after it has been created.

Simply enter your Wish List page at the following URL:

click here

To the right of the page, below the heading "About This List", click on the "Edit this information" link, then sign in with your e- mail address and password. On the next page you'll be given the options to change the searchability of the list and update any other Wish List settings.


Thank you for choosing

Warmest regards

Arun kumar chhetri
Customer Service

  Forum Editor 00:08 11 Nov 2005

but reeeling off a list of your computing abilities, and reminding the world's biggest seller of books what makes a business viable is hardly likely to endear you to the customer services staff.

Before posting this response I ran a test. I logged into the UK Amazon site and made my wish list searchable. I got my wife to do the same to her list, and my son and daughter did it to theirs - neither of them live at home. All of us were able to search for each others' lists immediately, without any trouble at all.

Amazon UK is one of the busiest sites in Europe - even more so at this time of year - and you can bet your life that if there was something wrong with the site they would be onto it like a flash - they have people monitoring performance 24 hours a day. I'm not sor a moment suggesting that you - or your son-in-law or "others I know" have done anything wrong, but I'm sure you'll agree it is a little odd that four of us, in three different locations, and from four different computers have just done the job in about ten minutes.

Maybe, just maybe, you should try once more.

Clear your cookies, clear your cache, login to your account on the site, make your wish list searchable, save the changes, logout, and then clear your cookies again. Now visit the site and search for your email address. If that doesn't produce your wish list there is certainly something most odd going on.

  PaulB2005 07:34 11 Nov 2005

Works here too....

  gettingonabit 18:28 11 Nov 2005

Anyone who had been trying to get this sorted for nearly 2 months - and carried out Amazon support's innumerous repeated requests to "try once more" - would be telling them about their abilities, too, (in order to let them know their level of competence) after receiving some of their demeaning comments (which have not been posted here).

Guess what? After eventually checking properly, they have finally admitted there really IS a problem with my account and it's not me after all, and they will be fixing it.

Quote from Andrew Prescott, Customer Service:

"I apologise that you keep receiving the same stock replies, however it does appear that there is a technical issue with your wishlist on our website. I have raised this with our technical team, who are working on a resolution. I am sorry that this was not made clear to you earlier."

"Works for me" is the kind of response I've been getting from Amazon for weeks. Didn't actually fix the problem, did it?

BTW, my wife's wish list can also be seen, and I set that up, too ...

  GaT7 18:39 11 Nov 2005

Have you tried cancelling your account & setting one up from scratch?

I'm not sure of the disadvantage(s) of doing this, but worth a try I suppose. G

  Forum Editor 18:43 11 Nov 2005

"Works for me" may not fix the problem, but if you think for a millisecond you'll realise that there was little else any of us could say or do. If it worked for us we could hardly offer much else by way of constructive advice.

In fact I'm not quite sure what it was you expected, other than a platform on which to publish your rant. We've fulfilled that purpose at least, but I don't think we'll prolong the agony.

  gettingonabit 18:55 11 Nov 2005

Crossbow7: I thought about that, yes, but didn't really want the hassle or to lose a long history with them. Thanks for the thoughts, though ...

As you can probably tell, too, I'm an awkward old (-ish) cuss who simply won't give in to the culture that says "We aren't really listening and if we ignore you enough, or treat you like a moron, you will simply go away".

I spend my working life dealing with the demands of others and ensuring they get a clear, concise and truthful answer (I'm a lecturer in computing); all I ask is that others do the same for me. If I failed to turn up for a class or to give them the knowledge they have paid to receive, my adult learners would queue up demanding to know why. Surely I'm entitled to ask "Where's MY answer?"

Chest now moving a little easier due to lack of weight ... I'll just climb back in my box...

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