Amazon .com delivery times

  Newuser2 20:33 25 Feb 2006

Has anyone anyone experiance of delivery times from I ask as my son needs to order a law book which he needs in the not to distant future. The delivery times stated on Amazons site are 9-36 days for std or 6-22 for expedited or 2-4 days for priority.

  bremner 20:34 25 Feb 2006

For Standard delivery, on an item in stock, I have rarely waited more than 4 days.

  Newuser2 20:43 25 Feb 2006

4 days from the States that very impressive.

  bremner 20:48 25 Feb 2006

Sorry didn't register the 'com' - Forget what I have said.

  [DELETED] 20:50 25 Feb 2006

I've never had problems with amazon,if its in stock ittells you the delivery estimate.Depends what delivery you choose, but usually pretty quick in my experience.
Hope that helps

  [DELETED] 21:10 25 Feb 2006

Last item I bought (last week) was delivered in two days. (standard).

  Stuartli 21:23 25 Feb 2006

I have, on occasions, ordered goods online from the States (not Amazon though) and delivery is normally about a week later.

  [DELETED] 21:40 25 Feb 2006

It took nearly a month for Amazon to deliver Acronis CD. I don't see why they sell stuff that is obviously (after your purchase) not a stock item

  [DELETED] 01:34 26 Feb 2006

We buy many books and cds from amazon, especially com. With exchange rate as is, it's often cheaper than uk. standard dely usually approx a week. bought a cd from uk site from an outside company in japan- arrived in two days!

  Newuser2 10:09 26 Feb 2006

Thanks for your help one and all.
The book my son needs is only available from as its an American law book.
We'll give the std del option a try.
I'll post back with the del result, just for everyone's info.
Thanks again

  spuds 11:03 26 Feb 2006

If its any help, I wanted some special cd's available from the US only. I contacted Amazon in the UK and ten days later, I had the cd's.

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