Amazon .com delivery times

  Newuser2 20:33 25 Feb 2006

Has anyone anyone experiance of delivery times from I ask as my son needs to order a law book which he needs in the not to distant future. The delivery times stated on Amazons site are 9-36 days for std or 6-22 for expedited or 2-4 days for priority.

  bremner 20:34 25 Feb 2006

For Standard delivery, on an item in stock, I have rarely waited more than 4 days.

  Newuser2 20:43 25 Feb 2006

4 days from the States that very impressive.

  bremner 20:48 25 Feb 2006

Sorry didn't register the 'com' - Forget what I have said.

  outlawbabs 20:50 25 Feb 2006

I've never had problems with amazon,if its in stock ittells you the delivery estimate.Depends what delivery you choose, but usually pretty quick in my experience.
Hope that helps

  ventanas 21:10 25 Feb 2006

Last item I bought (last week) was delivered in two days. (standard).

  Stuartli 21:23 25 Feb 2006

I have, on occasions, ordered goods online from the States (not Amazon though) and delivery is normally about a week later.

  terryf 21:40 25 Feb 2006

It took nearly a month for Amazon to deliver Acronis CD. I don't see why they sell stuff that is obviously (after your purchase) not a stock item

  squashman 01:34 26 Feb 2006

We buy many books and cds from amazon, especially com. With exchange rate as is, it's often cheaper than uk. standard dely usually approx a week. bought a cd from uk site from an outside company in japan- arrived in two days!

  Newuser2 10:09 26 Feb 2006

Thanks for your help one and all.
The book my son needs is only available from as its an American law book.
We'll give the std del option a try.
I'll post back with the del result, just for everyone's info.
Thanks again

  spuds 11:03 26 Feb 2006

If its any help, I wanted some special cd's available from the US only. I contacted Amazon in the UK and ten days later, I had the cd's.

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