Amazon - bit surprised by this.

  onthelimit1 14:35 02 Sep 2013

Have used Amazon for years and always been delighted by the service. Ordered a new laptop screen from them on Thursday last, and didn't look too closely at delivery times as the item was in stock.

Received notification on Friday that the order had been dispatched and delivery date between 6th and 29th Sep. When I looked at the seller more closely, seems they are in California!

I've been caught like this on ebay, but assumed Amazon only used UK companies.

Anyone else experienced this?

  Nontek 16:02 02 Sep 2013

Yep, though not so far afield - I have received items from Dublin on several occasions with unexpected long delivery dates. Always received items at an early date anyway, even from Dublin.

I avoid eBay and Paypal like the plague!

  BT 17:27 02 Sep 2013

I've had stuff from the USA and from Hong Kong when ordered from Amazon. In both cases the delivery was received within a few days.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:12 02 Sep 2013

I've had a couple of things from Germany, via Amazon in the last year and no problem on both occasions. In both cases it was clear where the item was being sent from.

  morddwyd 20:35 02 Sep 2013

Not unusual.

I'm awaiting stuff from Hong Kong at the moment, regularly buy dried fruit from Germany, and had a cover for my Nexus from the US last week.

Amazon's usual excellent trading conditions always apply just the same.

  spuds 00:28 03 Sep 2013

With Amazon and eBay, the location of the item is usually indicated at the point of sale. Some items though are marked as USA but might be shipped via warehouses in the EU (VAT?), with perhaps a seller disclaimer attached for any duties applicable to the customer on delivery.

If the item is sent via US DHL Global and then the UK part by Yodel, you could receive the item within 3/5 days?.

  onthelimit1 07:23 03 Sep 2013

Thanks all. At the moment, when I try to track using the DHL code, it says can't track. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  onthelimit1 07:25 03 Sep 2013

Yep - still saying 'We're sorry. We are unable to retrieve tracking information for this shipment at this time.'

  Forum Editor 08:23 03 Sep 2013

"We are unable to retrieve tracking information for this shipment at this time."

You'll probably find that tracking will start as soon as the package enters the UK tracking system.

  spuds 11:30 03 Sep 2013

Word of warning, if the item is delivered by Yodel (which is very likely with DHL Global). It could be delivered at anytime, including evenings, and the parcel left anywhere looking 'safe'. Items can be left out in the rain, so hopefully the item will arrive in a plastic bag mailer for protection. Some delivery people will leave items with neighbours, but a card in the door should tell you this!.

I have regular deliveries via Yodel, and they use quite a number of part time sub-contractors with own cars/vans/taxis.

For Transatlantic or European that requires international paperwork completion. I find UPS quite good, including tracking.

  onthelimit1 17:49 10 Sep 2013

Well, emailed the firm in CA. Comprehensive answer indicating it arrived at UK customs on 31 Aug. Does it really take this long to go through the checks, as Yodel (delivery in UK) say they haven't been authorised to collect it!!?

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