morddwyd 11:19 02 Aug 2014

I handed in a return to Amazon at my local Collect+ shop on Thursday.

Yesterday, Friday, the refund appeared on my bank statement.

Would that all on-line retailers were the same!

  spuds 13:39 02 Aug 2014

I suppose its better getting an instant refund, than being told that the retailer as thirty days to do so, after taking your money within hours of a purchase?.

I use Amazon on a regular basis, and have never yet had any real problems that were never resolved to my liking, and that includes dealing with Amazon Market Place sellers.

  Batch 14:19 03 Aug 2014

My tax rebates always arrive within a day or two of filling in my online tax returns ;-)

  alanrwood 18:30 03 Aug 2014

I have a similar experience as Batch although it is normally about a week.

  Forum Editor 22:53 03 Aug 2014

Amazon consistently shows other online retailers how it should be done. It was like that in the beginning, and it hasn't changed as the company has grown.

  alanrwood 10:24 04 Aug 2014

Now if only they paid their taxes they would be perfect.

  morddwyd 20:01 04 Aug 2014

"Now if only they paid their taxes they would be perfect."

Like me, you and most other people, Amazon have always paid exactly the amount of tax they are assessed for.

I would not send more that I am assessed to the tac man, why should Amazon?

Don't blame the taxpayer, blame the system, set up and maintained who hope for a seat on the board of a big company to supplement their meagre Westminster pension when they retire.

  Forum Editor 23:18 04 Aug 2014

"Now if only they paid their taxes they would be perfect"

Amazon has done what dozens of other large businesses have done - it sought to minimise its UK tax liabilities by perfectly legal means. Internationally agreed proposals mean that the loopholes which permit such practices will be closed.

I predict that Amazon's superb customer service policy will be unaffected. I would also bet that those of you who criticise the company for its legal tax avoidance are among its millions of customers.

  cruiser2 19:38 06 Aug 2014

Bought a paint spray gun and accessories from a TV shopping channel in April at a good price. Did not use it till June. Could not get the finish as shown on the TV demonstration. Phoned the company and was told that it was outside the 39 days for a redund if returned. Was told to send it back and they would look at it and then make a decisiion. Still had the original boxes and packaging. No charge for return. Enclosed a covering letter. After a week got an email to say I would get the full amount refunded to ny credit card. So the rules can be adjusted

  BT 08:35 07 Aug 2014


Had a similar experience with QVC. Some years ago I bought a graphics tablet from them and after almost 12 months it went wrong. Outside their 30 day money back period, but within the 12 months guarantee, they sent me a prepaid return label and gave me a full cash refund as they no longer had replacement stock.

  alanrwood 10:46 07 Aug 2014

My comment was meant in a jocular fashion.

Yes I appreciate that what they do is quite legal and yes I have used Amazon. The problem is that current legislation gives a trading advantage to Amazon which is not available to many businesses (and if it was, would produce a major problem in terms of tax revenues that would need to be made up by all of us. I also do not blame Amazon for taking advantage of this situation but I would support a levelling of the playing field. Countries like Luxembourg gain vast wealth and low personal taxation because of the high corporate tax revenues generated from business conducted in reality outside their borders. I hope that the post by the FE is correct and that these loopholes will be closed.

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