gaslamp 17:27 28 Jan 2012

Be careful when buying from Amazon. They have sellers who lie and mess you about. Amazon also keep these sellers because they say they can't remove them from the Amazon Marketplace. Check the rating of such sellers before you send any money. Luckily I got my money back after sending a lot of emails to the seller and Amazon.

I am not buying anything else from Amazon unless I can be sure its from Amazon only. YOU have been warned, be very careful.

  frybluff 19:21 28 Jan 2012

To be fair to Amazon, I find they are one of the better sites at sorting out a problem, should one arise. Where they fall down a bit, is that they often only provide a VERY basic specification for their items, and it often difficult to get clarification of any queries. I think the answer is to avoid items that don't either have a sufficient spec., or a manufacturers' part or model number.

  tullie 19:22 28 Jan 2012

I have been using Amazon without any problem for years.Apparently they are one of the best,if not the best,online retailers in the country.

  morddwyd 21:05 28 Jan 2012

I have had a few problems with Amazon Marketplace sellers.

In every case it has been sorted by Amazon very quickly, usually just one e-mail but once or twice two when some clarification was needed.

Always got an instant refund.

  rdave13 22:49 28 Jan 2012

I find that a purchase from Amazon's Marketplace that offer Amazon's free delivery are safe to use. I avoid the rest but I might be missing out as there are a lot of genuine companies there. It's the poor ones that create problems and I'm sure are in the minority and spoil it for the rest.

  spuds 23:51 28 Jan 2012

I have to agree with the free delivery fulfilment or arrangement provided by Amazon for their Amazon MarketPlace traders, as a sure way of getting things.

I deal with many Amazon MarketPlace traders on a weekly basis. But of late, I have began to have some problems of items not turning up, items being cancelled due to (supposed suddenly) out of stock - then seeing the a very similar or same item being advertised at an increased price by the seller. Another problem can well be sending the wrong item (as a possible replacement), in which case you need to return, or the seller tells you to keep as a goodwill gesture!

I have never been out of pocket yet, because I have always received a refund, but the whole procedure can get rather annoying, and more so if it gets repeated.

Some MarketPlace seller's have now been placed on my "Do I want to deal with these people" list, because of excuses and previous good service turning into questionable service of late.

  carver 08:55 29 Jan 2012

Up to now my experience with Amazon has been first class, deliveries on time any problems with orders has been sorted within days, one set of faulty PC speakers returned and the new set delivered within 24 hours.

Most sellers on Amazon are honest and are just trying to make a living and are better than some high street stores that I could mention,

  Flak999 14:50 29 Jan 2012

Have to say I agree with carver, I have used Amazon for years and they have never let me down.

  Forum Editor 16:57 29 Jan 2012

I have heard of problems with some Amazon sellers, but that's to be expected I suppose - there are thousands of them.

  Terry Brown 09:51 30 Jan 2012

I have used Amazon about 8 times and so far I have only had one problem and that was remedied with an Email (Faulty goods- replacement sent).

I believe Amazon are one of the most reliable 'Umbrella' internet goods suppliers. Think of it as a market, would you condemn all stallholders for one dodgy dealer.

Amazon has a reputation to uphold and will put pressure on any stallholder who steps out of line.


  Input Overload 10:08 30 Jan 2012

I usually use for most purchases & I always have a look at feedback from a reseller, it only takes a few moments & this saves hassle in the future.

I assume Amazon is much the same, 99% of the time there is no problem. The same applies to EBay & I also while shopping in real streets?

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