Am I overdoing the whining about Pipex Support

  Pappyon 17:17 21 Mar 2003

My first email to Pipex tech support went unanswered until I contacted a team leader or whatever you call them. When I did get an answer, it gave me erroneous information. I was told to go to the Alimagik site for a USB driver. They know my system runs xp, and the only drivers available are for Win 95. My second email questioning this has not been answered in 14 days.

My Speedtouch 330 modem has been away for a weeek for testing regarding replacement, and nobody has thought to contact me to tell me what is happening.

They're not so slow at taking the money from my account. I am paying for a service I am not receiving.

Am I expecting too much?

  *mark 17:30 21 Mar 2003

I found thier telephone support excellent...

Why not give them a ring !

  leo49 17:33 21 Mar 2003

What specific driver were you after?

  Pappyon 18:01 21 Mar 2003

Thank you *mark. I intend phoning them on Monday morning.

You may remember my postleo49 in the Help forum about 2 weeks ago about the red light in my modem coming on, and me having to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of the Alcatel drivers and modem before I could connect, and then ultimately not being able to connect at all.

Pipex advised me to get a USB Driver for my Alimagik 1 chipset from the Alimagik web site, but as I said in my first post there is only a USB driver for Windows 95 and I am running xp.

They have also advised me to get a powered hub, but with no guarantee that it is going to solve the problem. So I could be throwing money away!
That is why I sent the modem back to be tested, and possibly replaced if it is faulty.

I have had trouble with it from day one.

  Forum Editor 18:56 21 Mar 2003

when badgering people on the phone is likely to achieve more than anything else.

Take *mark's advice and pester the telephone support staff until you get a satisfactory result.

  Spook Tooth 19:37 21 Mar 2003

Maybe these sites are worth checking? The first is The second is a general support link for those with the 'ALiMAGiK 1 Chipset', and the third, the download link itself for latest chipset driver.

It can be a good idea to upadte motherboard chipset drivers. My own ADSL connection was frequently dropping line sync' and a change in chipset drivers seemed to help. There are a variety of causes to the problem you describe and purchasing a powered USB hub is not a bad suggestion in itself - Belkin do some good ones for around £20.

Again, it may not cure the problem itself, but loss of sync is a common problem - there may be better suggestions if you click here and check the user forums for some better tech advice. Another thing to check is the USB Root driver (the one you describe as being available for download), together with updated (or merely different) drivers for the modem itself.

click here

click here

  Brian-336451 22:58 21 Mar 2003

Do you realise how much it costs to badger these people?

I dumped Pipex and went to cable - aah, it works - bliss!

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