Am I just being pig-headed? grunt grunt.

  Pappyon 15:13 21 Sep 2003

Is it common for many sites to refuse access unless you download and install a particular utility?

There is a site I am interested in, and cannot access it until I install Macromedia Flash Player. My contention is that I should not be told what program I should run or not run on my own PC. As far as I am concerned I have more than enough programs in Windows xp that I don't want, will never use, and can't even uninstall without getting more.

  Looking over IT 15:20 21 Sep 2003

Macro media is used by a large number of sites some of which do provide a link allowing you to view without downloading, as it is a program used by many sites its well worth getting anyway.

What site were you tryiung to look at, out of interest?

  Pappyon 15:36 21 Sep 2003

I can't ever remember being locked out of a site unless I installed Flash Player. I have always been given the option after I accessed the site, whereas with this one, It is definitely a no entry situation, and I object to this!

click here

  spuds 15:41 21 Sep 2003

Once you have downloaded Macro media, that's it. It will cover other downloads/programmes, so well worth having.

  -pops- 15:45 21 Sep 2003

As you seem to object so strongly, tell the owners of the website then shop elsewhere.

  Pappyon 15:57 21 Sep 2003


I already have done!

  leo49 15:59 21 Sep 2003

Since you asked - YES

  Pappyon 16:03 21 Sep 2003

When I clicked on the link and went to the download site the program would not download anyway. I would have had to go elsewhere.

  tbh72 16:04 21 Sep 2003

click here

Have you tried to access the site using this link?

  Chegs ® 16:30 21 Sep 2003

I rarely bother with Flash as it ONLY seems to be used by advertisers,if a site requires its use then I simply dont bother with the site.I feel I'm really missing out if I cannot see all the latest flash ads. :-)

  Pappyon 16:52 21 Sep 2003

Yes I can access the site from this link you provided, but it is only a profile of the business, and photographs of the inside of the shop. There are no links to anything else.

Would I be right in saying that the site could have been designed to give access, with the option of installing Macromedia Flash Player, if anybody wanted to see the fancy stuff, whatever it might be, thereby letting people make up their own minds.

I mean what does this program do? I have never needed it before to access a web site!

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