am i entitled to an extended warranty?

  di.carey 17:55 18 Aug 2008

Hi, my husband bought a pc in april 2006, and after it wouldnt post, it went back in to be repaired, we were told the grahics card had gone so they replaced it, we got it back, it was fine.
Basically since then, it has been back 7 times and we have only had 6months use out of it in 2 and a half years, we asked them if it could be a problem with something else because it was the 7th graphics card (decent ones too) and they assured us not, so we got it back and within a week it had gone again, so finally they checked it out properly and found it was the motherboard.
we are due to pick it up tomorrow, and we think we should be entitled to an extended warranty at the very least,as the warranty expires in april.
this was our dream computer that we spent alot of money on and we have had more reliability from a £50 computer we are currently having to use.
Does ayone know where we stand?

  wjrt 18:46 18 Aug 2008
  961 18:54 18 Aug 2008

It would be helpful to know who you bought this from because, after more than 2 years, it may be difficult to make a complaint stick


who did you purchase the computer from?

did you purchase an extended warranty, because computers normally have a 12 month warranty. If so, was this from the supplier/manufacturer or third party?

How did you pay for the computer and the warranty?

  di.carey 19:25 18 Aug 2008

it is from cube, not sure about the warranty i assume he must of paid extra for it but it is definately 3 years. (he isnt here to ask right now)
He paid by credit card

  961 08:16 19 Aug 2008

First thing is to establish if it is now sorted. If not you will obviously need to consider what to do next. Even if it is you should write to the MD of the retailer listing the difficulties and asking them to consider either an allowance against a new computer or a further free warranty.

You may wish to inform the credit card company of your difficulty although after this length of time it is unlikely they will do much to help

  jack 09:24 19 Aug 2008

The new part[Motherboard-] having been faulty from day 1 but not picked up by the builders will carrty another 3 year warranty-
It is certainly worth pursuing along these lines.

To give an example I use Epson printers.
I have had two fail outside the warranty period.
To cover this Epson offer a replacement service whereby for a nominal fee a replacement machine is delivered and old one returned.
The replacement carries its own one year warranty.

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