Am I Being Stupid

  gcs_uk 20:48 26 Aug 2003

I have just had an arguement with my 11 year old son b/c I wont let him buy some pirated software off a friend. He also pointed out that we were the only people in the world who doesnt have our PS2 chipped or any pirate DVD's in the house.

Now I am no paragon of virtue but I tried to explain to him that a)chipping the PS2 would invalidate the warranty and b)buying pirated software or DVD's is in effect stealing. People have put time, effort and money into creating all the software/games etc that we use.

I also said pirated PC software could have viruses etc but he accused me of being old fashioned and everyone does it these days.

I am also trying to teach him the value of money, ie if he wants a PC or PS2 game he has to save up his money but he was not having any of it.

With regards to PC software my way of thinking is there are freeware/shareware versions of practically everything so you always have the alternative.

Am I out of touch ???????

  tbh72 21:02 26 Aug 2003

Not At All. Good for you. It is after all the JOB of the parent to teach the child right from wrong.

  mikef. 21:05 26 Aug 2003

Well done it's good to see you teaching your son rights and wrongs, plus your arguments are exactly right.

  Jester2K II 21:11 26 Aug 2003

No. You are correct and one of the few remaining people still "in touch". Had the exact same argument a couple of times with my 15 year old step son.

I usually walk away from this type of argument now - he knows that any "dodgy Games or DVDs" will go walkies the minute his back is turned.

Not meaning to knock anyone but it seems the way society is these days - esp kids and money. Always want something for nothing..... Stick to your guns....

  carver 21:49 26 Aug 2003

The biggest problem is not the dodgy and illegal stuff but the fact that some children accept this as normal. On Holiday 2 children we met told us about all the films they see, one was Terminator 3 on DVD and their father and mother bragged about all the dodgy stuff they could get. When children see parents acting illegally they then accept this as the norm. I am classed by my children as "old fashioned" "stuffy" and various other terms for not allowing "dodgy" stuff into the house. So keep up the good work, but don't blame the kids.

  gcs_uk 21:54 26 Aug 2003

Carver that is my experience as well my sons best friend dad was telling me about all the games he could get for me if I got my PS2 chipped. I was just umming and yessing in all the right places.

My daughter is 8 and she is so straight it is funny - she vehmently believes that everything should be above board even to the point that when I am installing software she reads the EULA - honestly she does, to make sure I am not doing anything illegal.

She made me laugh the other night when she got really upset when the old PC had an error message "You have performed an illegal operation" she read this as she had done something wrong and she was in trouble. She couldnt understand why I was laughing so much.

  Belatucadrus 22:13 26 Aug 2003

gcs_uk if you're out of touch then so am I.

  Forum Editor 22:54 26 Aug 2003

that a question such as this would even arise.

If I think back to my youth I can recall being terrified when I once rode a bus without paying the fare. I hadn't meant not to pay, but the conductor didn't get to me in time - I got off at my stop and spent the next hour convincing myself that the police would arrive at the house at any moment.

Now, as far as pirated software and music is concerned there seems to be an attitude of "The music companies are ripping us all off anyway, so they deserve to suffer at the hands of downloaders the world over". Those who happily download gigabytes of illegal MP3 tracks and software convince themselves that they are in some way entitled to steal the files, after all, these big companies are making huge profits, so they must be charging too much mustn't they?

There appear to be few, if any twinges of conscience, and a generalised feeling that because so many other people are doing it the downloading must be justified, and that it's about time that everyone stopped banging on about copyright theft.

The fact is that in the real world the voices of dissent - those who believe that the copyright laws are there to be upheld - are worn down by the persistently vociferous minority, and apathy (as always) is everywhere: "I wouldn't do it myself, but I'm not going to worry too much about the thousands who do - that's their affair".

That's my little rant, and it will come as no surprise to regular forum members. The hard truth is that software and music piracy will not go away - there will always be people who see the law as something to be obeyed when it suits them and broken when it doesn't. That's life, but one other thing is certain - the big software and music companies aren't going to sit there and do nothing.

  Djohn 00:55 27 Aug 2003

Well, I think you can show your Son this thread, then he will realise you are not the only people in the world without pirate copies of movies/music.

Well done, it seems you are instilling correct moral values in him that he will come to appreciate later on in life. Regards. j.

  Simsy 06:30 27 Aug 2003

"He also pointed out that we were the only people in the world who doesnt have our PS2 chipped or any pirate DVD's in the house."

He's simply wrong!... aren't all in the 10-17 age bracket!

Keep it up,



  -pops- 06:51 27 Aug 2003

I'm most definitely with every other respondents on this but I am left with the question:

What are the teachers doing about instilling some even basic moral awareness in their charges. This is not a contemporary thing, it seems from the above that today's parents are similarly lacking in moral judgement.

My offspring knew (and still know) right from wrong and their kids, likewise. If they don't, they have the wrath of pops to contend with.

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