Am getting 2MB ADSL!!!!

  ajm 00:29 06 Aug 2003

Having been with Pipex 512kbs ADSL, i have signed up with Bulldog ADSL Primetime 2000 2MB for £24.99+vat.This is a onetime offer until 31st August.

Having been with Pipex for about 14 months now ( 7 of them being free due to their genrous referral scheme), I saw the Bulldog offer on The Register. More info from click here

Hopefully by the time i come back from my hols in 1st week September, it should be up and running.

Is there anyone on this forum that has or is planning to get this service and whether they are happy with it and also with Bulldog

  ajm 09:53 06 Aug 2003

when i saw that there was a downtime of upto 21 days from ending of one ISP to the begining of the 2nd one.

I probably would not have moved to Bulldog if I had not been going on holiday, but due to the timing.....

I shall keep you updated when I come back and also give you my views on how the Bulldog service is.

  powerless 21:35 06 Aug 2003


Who cares about surfing speeds won't improve (maye a little) at that price ya laughing?

It's peak time hmmm i could live with that.

  TOPCAT® 22:18 06 Aug 2003

Am quite happy with their speed, support and standard of service provided.

However, here's three happy converts expressing their satisfaction with Bulldog. TC.

click here

  Forum Editor 00:37 07 Aug 2003

when he refers to "numerous sites who just couldn't approach the speed". Websites don't have a 'speed' - they are on web servers which can serve a page as quickly as you can download it. The downstream rate of your connection is what counts, and the faster this is the faster you'll load the page - it's got nothing to do with the site, except in cases where badly designed sites have large image files for instance - they'll take longer to download on any connection. There's no technology for websites to catch up with.

That said, I would personally be a little wary of signing for a service that only offers full speed at night. A possible downtime of up to twenty one days for the changeover is ridiculously long, and would again sound a tiny warning bell for me.

As for the 'happy converts' featured in TOPCAT®'s link..............I have read them very carefully, and make no comment. I know nothing about Bulldog, and wish to make it quite clear that I have no experience of their service. I've heard nothing by way of adverse comment from users of the service either.

I hope your connection is all that you expect it to be, and I'll look forward to hearing your views a little later on.

  ajm 01:05 07 Aug 2003

Many thanks for all your comments.

I actually heard about Bulldog from a few colleagues at work who have been with them for quite a while and had no problems with their service.

FE, regarding my comments of possible downtime of 21 days, this was taken as refernece from click here.

i received an email from Bulldog today which is as follows:

"You have passed the initial acceptance line quality checks for your service. Our records indicate that you have a current ADSL supplier. Before we are able to proceed with your Bulldog order, the ADSL service will need to be terminated. Before terminating your existing service, we advise you to check the contractual requirements you may have with your service provider.Be very specific - tell them you are taking your service to Bulldog and you need the 'cease' to be sent to BT Wholesale immediately. Some SP's do not do this (this could include BT Openworld). They hope you will change your mind, therefore they suspend your service and delay the cease to BT Wholesale. We cannot provide service until this cease has been processed, there can not be two adsl providers on the same line. Please inform us of the termination date you agree with your supplier by email. It would help us if you could give us the two dates ie when your service is terminated and when they anticipate the 'cease' at the BT exchange to be completed. Please tell us the exact dates from your current supplier, if you
give us an earlier date in an attempt to 'speed' up the connection, the order will fail when we attempt any switch work.We will submit your order 1-2 days after the cease has been actioned by BT wholesale (this may not be the same date that you loose service, but when BT do the exchange work - this timing is in the hands of your current provider and not Bulldog).Your go live date will be 5-7 working days after the exchange work is done and BT accept our order.We will send you a confirmed date together with your user name and password when Bulldog will provide service by Email 3-5 days prior to your go live date."

Pipex have given me the cease date of 22/08/03. Bulldog have been advised of this cease date. All that remains is when I come back 1st week of September, all is hoping to be OK.

Will keep you folks updated.

  ajm 03:09 03 Oct 2003

I completely forgot about my posting until I opened it by mistake.

Came back from my hols on the 1st of September. ADSL Router/Modem showed no syn on the line. Was too tired to call Bulldog.

2nd September, Line was synched. One problem: did not have Bulldog username and password. Dug out my 56K modem cable and connected to onetel and downloaded all my emails...nearly 1000!!!!!! and 35 minutes later. What a lot of junk i got....

Saw emial from Bulldog giving me username and password. Entered that in the web browser setting....hey and presto am connected in the early afternoon.

Could not wait till 6pm to see how 2MB felt like. Came 6pm, the connection speeds on some sites felt very fast and also downloads were very high. Speed test between various time from 6pm - 1 am showed dowload speed varying from 1MB to 1.7MB. But on average I was getting 1.6MB. Not bad.

Have been using the service ever since and have had no problems. Some Bulldog users seem to have had major problems with their connection and speeds. Best thing to do is PHONE Bulldog. DO NOT email them: you will be wasting your time. There is a nice guy called Justin who works in Technical who has been very helpful a couple of times that I needed to phone regrading simple issues such as SMTP and DNS settings.....

  Forum Editor 06:55 03 Oct 2003

for the update ajm, it sounds as if all is well. Enjoy your warp-speed surfing.

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