Althon 6000+ X2 or Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

  Gmax 16:53 25 Jun 2007

I looking to buy a new pc and I am unsure as to which CPU to get. The main problem I am having is the price difference between these to CPUs the Core 2 Duo E6600 system will cost £677.18 while the same system with the Althon 6000+ X2 will cost £634.98

What I like to know is the Core 2 Duo really worth this price difference of £42.20

I was also looking at the Eclipse Matrix i67N88-VSTA which hase the E6700 but the PSU is only 450W is that enough if I wish for future up grades


  GaT7 22:01 25 Jun 2007

There's so little between the two (comparison: click here) the 6000+ PC seems better value. For the difference, you could add 1-2Gb of RAM (click here / click here) or even get a better graphics card, if necessary. If I was mainly a gamer I may go for the E6600, otherwise the 6000+ would be more than sufficient.

The 450W PSU doesn't look good in the Matrix i67N88-VSTA. It received a very good review by PCA click here - no mention of the PSU though. Do you have a link to the system? G

  Gmax 00:56 26 Jun 2007

The full system is as follows

CPU: AMD64 X2 6000+ or Core 2 Duo E6600
Motherboard: MSI K9N-Neo-F or Gigabyte 945GM-S2
RAM: 2GB Kingston DDR 667
HDD: 320GB SATA Hard Drive
PSU: Atrix 650Watt
Graphics Card: 8800GTS Nvidia DDR DVI 320MB
Disk Drive: 16X DVD+/- RW (Liteon)
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premiem

This is from click here both seem a very good deal. I do play a lot of games but I also use a lot of media so a bigger hard drive could be of use

The link to the Matrix i67N88-VSTA is below but to get a bigger PSU I have to get a different case and PSU (I don't need a monitor so I can drop that)

click here#

Also my budget cannot go past £700 (that's already more than I planned)

  Why wont it work 09:40 26 Jun 2007

the AMD X2 AM2s love DDR2 800mhz RAM, so in this case the Core 2 Duo would probably just have the lead, you can use almost any old ram with it (according to reviews). They are similar in performance though, so it really is up to you. I have an E6600 and it's brilliant. (Note: there are a new series of Core 2 Duos coming out in July, which will supposedly push the current prices down even further)

Also, if you do get a Core 2, I would get a better motherboard, the 945, is, well dated really. I would look for an Intel P35 based motherboard, or one which supports 'penryn'/ '45nm and 1333mhz FSB'. That will ensure a nice uipgrade path for the future.

Hope that helps

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