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  [email protected] 00:14 02 Sep 2008

My grandfather recently purchased a new All-in-One laser printer, a Samsung CLX-2160, to replace his Epson Inkjet one.

Everything is great except that the scanning software provided by Samsung is awful, unlike the old program provided by Epson.

On the Epson one, all you did was open the program, press the scan button then it would scan the document, automatically detect what type of document it is, crop it appropriately and save it in his specified folder - all in one click of the mouse.

With the Samsung program, you have to do everything manually which he doesn't like and has trouble remembering what to do.

Does anyone know of any alternative software that could be used. He mainly scans photos but the ability to perform OCR too would be preferred, although not vital as he has Microsoft Document Scanner too.

Freeware is preferable but paying a small amount of money is acceptable.

I have searched using Google and given many of the programs returned a try but nothing yet has sufficed.

Many Thanks


  MCE2K5 02:06 02 Sep 2008

As it has a Twain Driver, Could not the Epson Sowftware be used.

Manual click here Page 28 "Scanning Process with TWAINenabled

Driver click here 2nd Down.

  jack 09:30 02 Sep 2008

Is he?
Then it will do no harm to try the Epson version.

Alternatively most Image editing software will access a scanner from within the program.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]
As seen from within Paint Shop Pro
Others are similar

  Dart Echo 11:33 02 Sep 2008

Yes, but when the imaging program accesses the scanner, does it not then use the software that the scanner is set up for? In the OP's case the selfsame software that is causing his granddad some bother.

  jack 15:16 02 Sep 2008

The supplied software will have a 'Front end' with all sorts options, as in my Epson supplied software.
However when accessed through the Image Editor/processor I simply get the Scanner Preview and Scan Windows- all the rest is bypassed

  Woolwell 15:26 02 Sep 2008

My imaging software uses the Epson software for my scanner so Dart Echo may be right.

  Woolwell 15:39 02 Sep 2008

What OS is he using? Have a look at the Samsung's user guide - Software Section on scanning page 28/29 and try that method using WIA driver.

  [email protected] 23:00 03 Sep 2008

and sorry for taking so long to respond.

I have tried to install the Epson software but as soon as I launch the setup file, the Samsung software takes over somehow.

He doesn't have any decent imaging software installed so using the likes of Paintshop isn't really a possibility.

Woolwell he is using Vista. I couldn't find the section you were referring to but would a driver change help things as it is an entire new application I am looking for?

  jack 08:26 04 Sep 2008

Apart from anything else VITA is another can of worms- with regard driver and software ompatibility.
It may be that if the scanner and software works with VISTA the best route will be to knuckle down and get used to using what he has.

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