allergic reaction----no refund

  sunnystaines 11:33 18 Mar 2015

we bought some kingfisher toothpaste the other day but on using it my wife had a bad reaction [like a mouth full of stingging nettles] the store could not give a refund, rang the company who were not interested either.

In this sort of scenaro would we be entitled to a refund? no idea if the item was faulty or if my wife had an allergy.

  john bunyan 11:50 18 Mar 2015

I am sorry to hear of your wife's reaction to the toothpaste. Did you try it, and did it affect you?

The "goods" have to be "as described" (which they were) , and "fit for purpose". You are saying that that they are not, in view of your wife's adverse reaction. The problem is that individual allergy responses vary.

My wife went to an allergy clinic about reactions to skin and hair products, and now we avoid some brands that contain a particular preservative. I have discussed this with manufacturers, and their stance is that the products are suitable for the vast majority of buyers. Also, we buy "non bio" detergents for the same reason. If we use "normal" biological detergents my wife gets an allergic rash, but we do not ask for a refund as we realise that my wife is in a small minority.

I think that if your wife is in a similarly small minority (ie most people are able to use the toothpaste with no issues) then in law you would have a difficult case. I suggest, if this is a wider problem, that your wife is referred via the GP to an allergy specialist who can suggest ingredients to avoid after testing her.

  john bunyan 11:57 18 Mar 2015

PS I have looked at the ingredients in the Kingfisher toothpaste, and can see nothing obvious - many seem to be based on Fennel and most are "natural" . At least the product is not as expensive as my wife's current choice of Regenerate at £10 a pop!

  wee eddie 11:57 18 Mar 2015

You have not said whether you had the same reaction. If you didn't, why not use it yourself.

Unless there is something wrong with that batch of the product, in which case a Product Recall is the order of the day, I doubt there is much to be done unless the Store can be persuaded to make a Goodwill Gesture.

  bumpkin 14:31 18 Mar 2015

I don't think I would bother over a tube of toothpaste, just not buy that brand again.

  sunnystaines 15:17 18 Mar 2015

thankyou all for the advice i will try it too.

  BT 17:41 18 Mar 2015

If you get a reaction as well it might be worth contacting Trading Standards/Health Inspectors. Surprised the company were so offhand. Most companies are usually very concerned about complaints about their products.

Perhaps an email to Richard Austin at

[email protected]

might get a better response.

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