All of us at PCAdvisor

  Forum Editor 10:47 31 Dec 2003

would like to wish all of you, our readers and forum members, a very happy and peaceful new year.

  Stormpool 11:24 31 Dec 2003

Not too peaceful I hope, I enjoy reading people's gripes with other companies :)

  Stuartli 12:08 31 Dec 2003

The same from me to the FE, PCA staff and all forum members, even the ones who claim they are not stupid...:-)))

  achilles 12:28 31 Dec 2003

I'd like to thank everyone who for the past year has made reading the Advisor forum a light relief in a day of tedium-

It's good to see humour and wit and I look forward to browsing for the next 12 months

(and by the by, didn't someone do a splendid interactive Christmas card in 2002-quite missed it this year!)

  A Cat Called George 14:11 31 Dec 2003

A very happy new year to all my fellow feline forum members :-)

  BaronR 14:38 31 Dec 2003

Happy new year to all members esp the regular few and the pc manufacturers who post on these hallowed pages.

Hope everyone enjoys a drink or ten tonght.

  anchor 16:21 31 Dec 2003

I would like to add my good wishes too.

click here

  rev.bem 16:53 31 Dec 2003

Nice one anchor

Happy new year to all at PC Advisor and all forum members.

I'm out on the lash tonight(first time on a new year for about ten years)so i might cut the plug off the PC to prevent any half cut early morning thread closing postings

Cheers all :-))))))

  Forum Editor 17:15 31 Dec 2003

Don't worry, I'll be here in the early hours with my chrome-plated, engraved deleting mouse warmed up, and at the ready.

  rev.bem 17:24 31 Dec 2003

Don't worry my 24CT gold Tiffany "sorry but i couldn't help myself "mouse is under lock and key

  wee eddie 22:00 31 Dec 2003

I've just got a new one from Kutchinsky, so I'll pass the Asprey's one down to you.

Have an exceptional hogmanay

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