For all those with Tiscali problems

  Mike D 15:26 09 Nov 2005

I know it's very early days, but I have just spoken to Tiscali about cancelling my Broadband with them and they are sending me my MAC number within the next 24 hours. Apparently all I have to do then is speak to the ISP of my choice and suffer a couple of hours downtime.

Sounds too good to be true.


  GaT7 15:37 09 Nov 2005

Thanks for posting Mike D. Your experience will help others who may be contemplating the same - changing their BB ISP that is. Will also be interesting to know how this goes as I've never done it before myself. G

  Stuartli 16:08 09 Nov 2005

Have you managed this by telephoning 0845 077 4488?

  Stuartli 16:12 09 Nov 2005

Following on that, I've just rechecked the Upgrade/Downgrade service at Tiscali.

Since October 31st, when the infamous service "enhancement" took place, it has listed 1MB as the maximum service I can recceive even though I know it's 2MB.

Even a Tiscali engineer insisted this was the case even though I told him he was defending the indefensible as I had had an exemplary 2MB service for three months...:-)

However, I now see that I CAN get 2MB again but it has to be the 2MB unlimited at £2 a month extra or with a phone package rather than 2MB with a 2GB cap.

  Stuartli 16:41 09 Nov 2005

Further again. I've just been onto Tiscali to attempt to return to the status quo i.e. 2MB 2GB cap.

Surprise, surprise. I can now only have 2MB unlimited or with a phone package as listed on the Upgrade/Downgrade.

As far as I am concerned there is something very devious about the past week but, when I attempted to get a MAC code, I'm quoted the contract terms.

I've pointed out that Tiscali has substantially changed the original contract so much materially that it is no longer valid; I'll have another go when I calm down...:-)

  Chegs ® 19:29 09 Nov 2005

I to was pointed to the T&C when I requested my MAC,and I to will resume the argument with Tiscali once I've calmed down(Its likely to take me alot longer to cool off,as I have been plagued by constant toothache for these last two weeks which has kept me up most of the night resulting in my popping a rivet over really trivial things)

I have received an email or two from Steve Best,stating their intention to rectify my speed issues ASAP,one call from India that cured it for an hour or so,and a couple of hours in the last two days where its been above 1.5Mbs(including slap in the middle of a peak time)but all in all,far to little to late,as I'm off to pastures new(somehow)

  Stuartli 22:09 09 Nov 2005

Sorry about the toothache; in fairness may I point out that Steve Best has been a shining beacon at Tiscali and is a credit to the company.

That's more than you can say about the company itself at the moment...:-(

  Mike D 22:41 09 Nov 2005

Sorry for the delay in posting, just got in from work (cue violins). I have an email with the Migrate Away Code and It says that once I have got my new ISP to take on my service (english not too good at this time of night) then Tiscali will cancel my service and stop taking payments other than the arrears owing (because we pay in arrears)

Chegs ®, I rang Tiscali and asked for a MAC code and got it without any question or argument.

Stuartli, I got the same offer. Something smells in the kingdom of Tiscali.

More thrilling installments to follow (being a devout pesimist I am still not 100% convinced that it will happen).


  Mike D 22:45 09 Nov 2005


Yes I did ring that number.


  Stuartli 23:58 09 Nov 2005

Thanks for that.

I was told to ring Techincal support on 0870 744 2922 by Customer Services (who could only offer the same deal as on Upgrade/Downgrade of 2MB unlimited) but the one you rang when my other Tiscali contact provided advice on cancelling.

He's also informed me since that the engineers still insist that (view of engineer):

"I can confirm that this customer CANNOT have 2Mbps at this time. Whilst he is provisioned on a 2Mbps service, the VP he is on is only itself 2Mb, so with overheads he would never receive the full 2Mbps.

"If he is happy to pay for 2Mb then he may get more speed than he does at current, but he will not get 2Mb speeds, but it's not recommended he does that."

Yet, as I keep stating, my original 2MB service was exemplary...:-)

  Mike D 11:48 10 Nov 2005


I wonder if it is a recorded announcement. My original 2MB was great, then they upgraded(!) the lines.

I rest my case.

Now to make my decision between BT and Plusnet (I think)


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