all region DVD-RW??

  BeForU 08:26 08 Nov 2003

Hello! i just like to know if there are any DVD-RW burners/drives that are also region-free! Preferbaly a Japanese/Asian model would do!

  Stuartli 08:40 08 Nov 2003

You would best be served by using a separate DVD-ROM drive to view DVDs.

Like CD-RW rewriters they have a limited lifespan and should be kept for their basic purpose.

You can buy a region-free Kiss DVD player (or fownload the patch) from Scan of Bolton (click here) or Asda is currently selling a Pacific model in its stores for just over ?37; apparently it will play absolutely anything that is thrown at it and even has a three year warranty...:-)

  -Beb- 20:56 09 Nov 2003

Theres a dvd-rw on click here osrry, but im 2 lazy to find the exact place on the site but I know theres one in the DVD-RW section

  -Beb- 20:57 09 Nov 2003

Im also sorry about my bad spelling of the word sorry, but I dont think thats as important as the DVD-RW. well i hope not...

  -Beb- 20:58 09 Nov 2003

sorry again, coz i spelled the site wrong. It really isnt going good for me today. Ah well, its a sunday. The correct link is click here

  Stuartli 08:39 10 Nov 2003

BeforU is seeking a region-free DVD rewriter, not where to buy one...

Doubt very much whether you would actually be able to find one...:-)

  R4 20:00 10 Nov 2003

you could allway us 'Region Free software see:click here

  -Beb- 21:24 10 Nov 2003

hmmm. sorry about that. thought i saw a region free writer on that site. oh well must have been another one I was on that day. Cant blame me, it was a Sunday!

  Ashrein 22:40 11 Nov 2003

Check these DVD Players out from as cheap as £29.99 I have purchased the one at £39.99 and it is excellent value. click here

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