All praise Linksys!

  sdf 14:10 02 Sep 2003

I thought after a number of dealings with the networking component manufacturer Linksys they'd earned themselves a little praise! We first contacted them to ask for a little help when we got broadband as their router had been recommended by NTL. At the time we (as in our family, not the royal we!) were a little green on the subject of networking, we had a Netgear hub but I can fairly safely say at the time it couldn?t count as a network, more 4 computers plugged together. An email was sent to them at about 9pm Sunday explaining the situation and asking a number of questions about compatibility etc. By noon Monday Linksys had come back to us with an astonishingly good, seemingly personalised beginners guide to networking. As well as all our queries answered in full. Now more recently I have bought a laptop and enquired with them about adding a Wi-Fi access point onto our system. Again within hours they have come back to me, giving me a number of products that would serve the purpose, giving me tips as to where to buy from (that seem from shopping around to be cheap, as opposed to them just giving me a link for an affiliated retailer), and a guide to how to integrate it (hardware and software wise) with our current network. I am lost for words to express how utterly impressed I am, all I say is many other companies should sit up take note, this experience has proven it is possible to deliver top notch customer support and still have competitively priced well manufactured products. I strongly advise anyone looking at any form of networking to consider Linksys, there probably are cheaper non-branded alternatives, but for the sake of £20 or so unless you?re TOTALLY sure exactly what you?re doing, I?d go with Linksys and get the support.

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