For all NTL Bashers

  Coaster3 14:19 24 Feb 2003

This morning my computer had a serious malfunction which involved me changing the processor. When I eventually got it up and running again, I had lost my internet connection.

I am on the NTL 512 (600) service and, after trying everything I could think of. I rang the NTL support line. There was a wait of about six minutes before I contacted an engineer but this was at no cost to me.

The engineer discovered where the problem was and ran me through the procedure for putting it right. The whole thing was rather complicated but the engineer was a cheerful chap and assured me that it would all be right in the end. Which, as you can see, it was. I was on the telephone for about 20 minutes altogether but the call was free.

I have never been able to fault NTLs connection speed but, never having had cause to contact their service department, could not comment on it.

If this is an example of their service, then more power to their elbow!

I am afraid that the wingers we hear on this site are going to have an awful job convincing me to change to another ISP; which begs the question ‘If they are so fed up with NTL why don’t they change?’

  Elrond 14:32 24 Feb 2003

The thing with NTL is they have a great service(i'm on the 600K) and tech suuport is good(when you get through) but their main admin is the best. A lot of gripes here are due to people switching from dialup and still being charged for it aswell as BB etc. They can't seem to handle customers properly. Hoever, for the main sevices they supply disregarding admin, thwy pretty much beat most hands down. If they cud just sort out their customers eh!

  Elrond 14:33 24 Feb 2003

isn't the best that shud be. When will we be able to ammend our posts?

  Coaster3 15:25 24 Feb 2003

I've never had anything to do with their admin other than getting connected to dial up, the to 128k, then upgrade to 512k.

Get a bill once a month and that's it. Never had a problem. Maybe I'm lucky. (Didn't think so this morning when my computer packed up!!)

  accord 17:49 24 Feb 2003

been with NTL BB 600k for a few months now and had no problems whatsoever. Also got tel and TV with them and only had a problem with the set top box which they exchanged FOC, even out of warranty. Ive got sky aswell and had a problem with them last week and was advised if the set top box failed it would cost me from £160 to replace. mmmmmmmmm

  Andsome 09:06 25 Feb 2003

No problems at all with NTL. However, Coaster3, I don't think that your phone call was free. it is an 0845 number, and as such is charged at local rate. I find this perfectly satisfactory, and agree that the broadband staff are very helpful, and knowledgable.

  New Zealander 09:52 25 Feb 2003

I recently cancelled my NTL World account after three years and the matter was dealt with via telephone (in my opinion) by the most obnoxious person I have ever dealt with in a large organisation. Her telephone manner was dreadful & it seems NTL are easy to join ? very difficult to leave. I have used NTL for over three years via a BT line but recently changed to BT Broadband making my NTL account redundant. I will use two tins connected with damp string rather than NTL again.

  Coaster3 09:56 25 Feb 2003

No, I have an NTL phone line and all I need to do is dial 150 and I can get to any NTL service free of charge.

  Coaster3 09:59 25 Feb 2003

You shouldn't judge an organisation by one employee. If you feel strongly about such a thing you should make a complaint about the employee and do us all a favour.

I didn't realise that the string had to be damp. So that's why I could never get it to work!


  New Zealander 13:24 25 Feb 2003

I have written a complaint. The employee was a department head in 'Customer Relations'. When a person is in a higher position in any company it does tend to reflect general policy.

  Coaster3 13:52 25 Feb 2003

That's unforgiveable I agree.

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