All HP notebook owners - attention!

  Zopah 11:38 02 Sep 2007

Hello all,
I created this thread to make people wary of an issue with some HP notebooks.
So far, I've seen dv2000, dv6000 and dv9000 series notebooks with this issue, and its not isolated cases.
There is some hardware and/or software issue with them (probably BIOS/mobo related) that causes a stream of problems.
Usually, first, the wireless card wont be detected on every start-up. This can be worked-around for a while, usually a few more reboots cause it to return like nothing's happened.
If you contact HP at this point, they offer you another wireless card, if reseating your current doesn't work.
That problem continues for a few weeks, and then a second symptom appears.
A blank screen on boot, generally causes heart-failure amongst these poor notebook owners.
After messing with the battery and power cord, you can get it to boot.
That was the state mine was in when I sent it to the repair shop.
Now, my issue here isn't the actual support process, its the inability for HP to recognise it as a fault in the series. Instead, they *claim* its an isolated incident, when this long (100+ posts) thread claims otherwise: click here
If anyone else has had issues like this with the above models, please post. Although mine will probably have a new motherboard fitted, I hear that this is a temporary reparation, and my warranty runs out within a few months.
If there is anyone who is very familiar with warranties and the obligations of the manufacturer, please reply to the thread, I'd like to see if HP can be made to admit to this issue being widespread.

Many thanks.

  Zopah 13:55 02 Sep 2007

Which region was it bought in?
It could be isolated to American models..

  Forum Editor 14:00 02 Sep 2007

to admit to a generic manufacturing or design faults, but if enough people experience the same problem under similar circumstances there is certainly cause to think that there's a manufacturing or design defect in a product. Most manufacturers are only too keen to recognise and address such situations, and Hewlett Packard isn't known for ignoring its responsibilities to consumers.

If you're saying that a new motherboard is "a temporary reparation" it's an indication that the problems you've experienced may not be motherboard-related, otherwise how could a complete replacement be a temporary solution?

If HP claims that your experience is an isolated incident, and you have firm evidence that many other people have experienced the same problems there's something wrong somewhere. Have you written to the company, citing the evidence you have discovered?

  Daibus 18:58 02 Sep 2007

I've had my HP DV2031ea for just over 12 months now and with absolutely no problems - as yet?

  mjrobin 03:19 09 Oct 2007

Bought this laptop december 2006. A mother board issue came up-machine wud not start just beep. It was repaired late August 2007, now in October, Im getting these beeps. Did a full system restore and it did not work. Touch pad not functioning properly.

So i have not had 1 year good service from this laptop. I am not impressed. Its a AMD dual core TL-56 at 1.8

  Bummed 19:58 16 Dec 2007

Hi. I have the exact problem mentioned above.
DV2000.. (ALMOST a year old) first the wireless card 'disappeared' I reseated it, it worked for a week, and now it wont even start up at all. The screen is black. I spent hours on the phone with people from India that had no clue. Finally got ahold of a department that will let me send it in. Im really bummed now because I havent backed up my files (photos, etc) and they are probably going to change the motherboard, so Im thinking I may lose everything. :(
Plus I need a computer in a couple weeks, cause Im working out of town, and I highly doubt they will return it by then.
Anyone else have these problems? solutions? suggestions? Thanks.

  Bummed 20:01 16 Dec 2007

Hi all. I have the exact same problem mentioned above. My dv2000 is almost exactly a year old. the wireless card effectively dissapeared, fixed that for a week or so, and now the laptop wont even start up. black screen. I am sending it in for service, but I didnt get a chance to back up my files, so I am guessing I will lose it all when they replace the motherboard. :(
anyone else have these problems?
how long was it in for repair? I NEED it back in a little more than a week! lol

  Zopah 20:59 16 Dec 2007

But repair is about 8-14 business days.
Its near the top end of that if you have a foriegn model.
And, unless you're lucky, you'll not get a replacement, as the standard warranty states the notebook has to suffer from at least 2 different issues, and to have been repaired twice to attempt to fix those issues, before they will consider a replacement/refund.
I'm on my SECOND repair, after I got it back from the first repair and it was seriously overheating. So, I could never use it more than 20 minutes at a time.

  dv2000 owner 04:55 05 Jan 2008

Hi all & Zopah

I have a DV2000 and what you have described has happened 2 mouths out of warranty hard disk went so I replaced it and I have rebuilt the os a number of time and tried replacing the wireless card with on joy I also rolled back the bios

I have tested my mini pci wireless lan card in another laptop it worked fine

This suggest that it not a software problem more like a hardware problem i.e. Main board

  QinesiQ 07:35 09 Jan 2008

unfortunately well aware of the many problems with hp lappies and now ours has died (and by died I mean died) - only 10 months old and very light use (bought for mum) and I bought her a cooler pad. have 2 yr warranty for whats its worth. looks like I'll be using it a lot.

I've tended to find that laptops don't last very long probably because the manuf tries to cram as much up-to-the min super fast goodies inside and then the thing runs at the temp of the sun!

I'll stick to desktops from now on and my pda for mobility - both still going strong ;-)

  QinesiQ 06:53 16 Jan 2008

Well I'm happier to report that John Lewis took my mums HP DV lappy in for repairs and returned it (very promptly) with a new motherboard. The chap that took great care of my mum said that it was unfortunately,"a known fault". She asked what would happen if it had any further problems and he said they will repair it again but after that its their policy to refund if further problems are found. Thank goodness I bought this particular laptop from JL with a 2 yr warranty.

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