Alienware PCs

  mdshamilton 16:47 30 Jul 2003

Does anyone have any experience of Alienware PCs? I see they now have a presence in the UK at click here I'm beginning the process of doing some research for a new Power PC. I've never seen a review of their PCs in PC Advisor - the mag's reviews for the past 2 years focus on the usual suspects such as Mesh, Evesham, Dell etc.

I've been advised to wait until September when Intel typically releases the next batch of faster processors and prices are lowered on the existing ones (is this still true or a load of rubbish?).

I rarely need IT support unless something in the hardware fails. Two of my friends are also looking for a mid-range desktop and for a new laptop - so it should be possible to negotiate a deal for 3 PCs purchased at the same time.

  matthew-293741 23:04 30 Jul 2003

Re - alienware

i boought an area-51 a month ago, and i have to say that the sales and after sales care is excellent, i would deal with them any time or day of the week!!

as for the computer, you wont find any better out there!!..the only trouble is alienware use the best of everything when it comes to components, so when the 3.2 ghz comes out they will bang that in instead of 3.06 HT which is in there now, you may well be able to build to order, but if you want the best then you can look no further!!

  maby66 11:03 31 Jul 2003

Primarily aimed at gamers - try the games specific PC magazines.

As Lucco says - high end machines, high end components sold on being the best you can buy with aftersales (and pricing) to match.
I have seen one review which was very complimentary on the overall quality of components and care taken with build.

But given the price tag thats to be expected.

Doubt you'd get a deal on multiple puchase - dont really think that is the way they work.

  mdshamilton 11:50 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for the feedback Lucco51, they do look like great machines. maby66, I expect you're right when it comes to Alienware, but if I get a high end Dell instead I think I should be able to get a discount. 2 guys in the office bought new Dell PCs at the same time 3 months ago and Dell knocked 10% off each PC.

  maby66 12:03 01 Aug 2003

Update - there is a review of an Alienware Area 51 (I think) in another large PC professional magazine that also has a website prescence - its in this months magazine I think - I'm not sure if its a little naughty to refer to a competitor website but a google search should find it reasonably quickly - alternatively a long old read in WH Smiths :)

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