Alienware PC - Have you got one?

  Sammjo 13:24 05 Jan 2003
  Sammjo 13:24 05 Jan 2003

Has any one out there got a PC from Alienware. If so are they as great as they seem. this is a internet based company and I would just like to know if they are OK before I part with a lot of cash.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:36 05 Jan 2003

Rather expensive methinks. I assume that you live in the States because if you live in the UK there are much better systems here.


  Pilch.... 13:56 05 Jan 2003

I think that they would be worth the cash, the support is something that would put probably quite a few companies to shame, i mean, remote assistance, long warrenty, if you need bits put into the computer they will do it for free.

Bearing in mind aswell these computers are quite literally beast's, if i had the cash i would get one.

Although dont do what someone done. Brought one from america, into the UK, plugged it in turned it on without switching the switch from 115v to 230v!!

  Pilch.... 14:00 05 Jan 2003

Discussion on these computers courtesy of the gamesroom.....

click here

  m1ke_hawkins 15:32 05 Jan 2003

Just to say that i ordered myself an ALIENWARE UK pc 2 weeks before christmas. My pc arrived on Christmas eve, which i was very pleased about. I would have to say that the pcs look even better in the flesh. I got mine in conspiracy blue by the way. Unfortunately though one of the case fans wasn't working so i had to send it back to them last tuesday. Whilst i did use the system though i saw the way in which they make it work really quickly with certain system tweaks and it certainly works. I would recommend them, but its just that as they are new over here then you cannot expect them to be running smoothly i suppose. If you need any more info on my pc from ALIENWARE dont hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks.

  goonerbill 12:17 06 Jan 2003

can't be that bad, one of the pc mags run a feature on them the other week. was thinking of getting one but my 13 week old daughter kept on moaning about food kids :)))
lucky bugger mike :)

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