Alienware buyer be very aware

  Newuser2 16:41 15 Jan 2008

One very expensive laptop £2500+
Went belly up four times, new mobo, HD's, memory, just small repairs needed, so we demanded a new replacement. (We even have our own account number with the courier it went back so many times).
Alieware didn't want to oblige until the mention of stopping the finance payments, that seemed to gel their minds.
New laptop dully delivered, all was fine until early Dec 07 when it wouldn't boot up, spoke to Alienware tech guy again, new MoBo needed was the diagnosis.
By this time we had had enough so we demanded a full and complete refund.
laptop returned but have we received the refund. No is the answer.
It would appear Alienware are thinking out of the box for excuses so as not to pay up.
I would not us someone else's money to buy anything from AlieWare.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:02 15 Jan 2008

To have so many things go wrong with a laptop and then to have similar problems with a new one would cause me to look elsewhere rather than the supplier.


  tullie 17:53 15 Jan 2008

And also i would have expected two laptops for that price.And if you stop payments then they ,or the finance company would take you to court.No matter the state of the laptop,you would be in breach of contract,i believe.

  SeanUK 18:33 15 Jan 2008

I don't think you can be in breach of contract if they are not supplying you with the product they promised. Would you be in breach of contract if the goods were not of merchantable quality? I'm not so sure!

However, you 'demanding' a full and complete refund and sending the laptop back does not mean Alienware will be required to honor that. Unless they agreed to a refund prior to dispatch, it's unlikely they will return your money.

Could always try the small-claims court, it's £45 to have your case heard.. and most of these big companies don't even turn up ;)

  Totally-braindead 18:39 15 Jan 2008

I'm afraid I have to agree with tullie, just stopping payments is a very dodgy thing to do and puts you in the wrong.
Now if you have agreed to stop payments with the company and to return the computer for refund then thats completely different, but just stopping payment on your own is not a good idea.

Since you returned it I presume that they asked for this? Or have you just stuck it in a box and posted it to them with no prior agreement? You also make no mention of time scale at all apart from returning it in Dec 07.

  Forum Editor 18:42 15 Jan 2008

do NOT default on a finance agreement by witholding payments. The finance agreement is almost always with a separate company - not the one you bought the computer from - and you will find yourself in trouble if you default on the payments - for whatever reason.

Do your arguing with the computer supplier, who is under an obligation to comply with the relevant consumer legislation, but you haven't given us dates, so it's a little difficult to advise you accurately. You say that the second machine developed a fault early in December 2007, but when did you take delivery of it?

  Newuser2 18:45 15 Jan 2008

Alienware agreed to a full refund subject to them receiving the laptop back. They have had it since before Xmas, they are using every excuse in the book plus some to delay or not pay the refund, they have told us that they will make a decision by close of business tomorrow.

  Newuser2 17:30 16 Jan 2008

Alienware have finally agreed to mail a cheque to us.
But they have said that before.
If and when it arrives I'll post back.

  wolfie3000 17:46 16 Jan 2008

Sorry to hear about your trouble with alienware newuser2,

Iv had 2 pcs from them and had no problems with them at all.

i hope it works out for you.

  Newuser2 11:57 19 Jan 2008

As I expected Alienware are stalling again. They asking for software to be returned to them, this is despite them saying last Dec that it didn't have to be returned, plus they are saying the floppy drive and cd containing the drivers was not returned, we definitely put these in the box when we returned the laptop.
In our opinion they are one crap company.

  iscanut 12:01 19 Jan 2008

I can only add to what others have said. In spite of your problems, you are not in dispute with the finance company and thus cannot stop or default on repayments without incurring serious consequences.

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