denali 11:58 09 Nov 2004

Not sure if I am in the right Forum here, but here goes. On Sunday in my local mall a chap was demonstrating a PC called Alienware (I think that is how to spell it). The thing was huge. It had 2x2 200 Hdd's, 2044 memory and other items I had never even heared of, It looked like a spaceship and was a bright GREEN colour. Now I am a novice and have never heared of this machine. The chap said they were popular with gamers and the price of the one he was displaying was nearly £3000. Is there such an animal? or had he just built something to show off on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

  plsndrs3 12:15 09 Nov 2004

click here

You can mess about with the colours too !!



  Rigga 12:16 09 Nov 2004
  Urotsukidoji 16:56 09 Nov 2004

click the links, and go and see the bank manager for a mortgage, pretty cases, good support but cost the earth

but you do get a free t shirt!

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