AngeTheHippy 11:07 07 Jul 2004

Hi all.

I only use my One-Tel phone account to call abroad, never within UK. I've noticed over the past few months, but didn't chase it up, that there were quite a few calls (all itemised)with a duration of 00.00.01 and 00.01.00 (one sec & one minute). Calls to the US or OZ for these durations were charged at 3p/5p. Calls to an Irish mobile that I call charged at 31p. Well, if I phone someone, I phone to talk, which I can assure is longer that 1 minute, so I rang customer care at One-Tel to query these charges. The answer?? NOW GET THIS, she said 'the carriers of the number you're ringing is imposing the charge'. I said 'so they charge even if there is NO REPLY?' answer: yes! I said so One-Tel are charging me, and she said (bless her), 'No, it's the other carriers'... Same thing! I'm still being charged for non connection of calls, whether by One-Tel or by the other carriers! They're on my bill! IS THIS FAIR? Should we be charged if a call just rings with no reply?

I'm dumbstruck......


  TBH1 12:26 07 Jul 2004

blimey - how long will it be before all suppliers do this ???

On a similar note, and ain't hijacking your thread here, but I was always annoyed at the 'call-waiting' service - - in the old days if you phoned someone and the line was engaged you would get the engaged tone (spooky !!) and you would try later, and this would cost you nothing. Nowadays if the line is engaged you get the 'the person you are calling is on the phone - - -' thingy, and this costs you 5p - - not a lot I know but multiply by a hundered or so and it mounts up. Just my 2 penneth - - -I'll get me coat.

  spuds 13:16 07 Jul 2004

I had a very long discussion regarding 'itemised bill queries' with BT on this very subject. Didn't get anywhere, and I had to pay the disputed bill's.All to do with the "our service,contacting their service, handshake".I am still unsure to this day, how unreconized phone and mobile phone numbers ended up on my sole usage private telephone account.

  AngeTheHippy 14:48 07 Jul 2004

I agree TBH1 with the call waiting announcement from BT - I think it's a damn cheek, but as they have the monopoly, and they do, regardless of Telewest NTL etc., they can more or less do as they like. It's us poor sods who end up paying the bill at the end of the month, and with (prob)millions of customers, will these providers listen to little us? WILL THEY HELL!!!

I'm very tempted though, to ask OFTEL what the policy is regarding One-Tel's charging in this way. Be interesting what they have to say..


  Stuartli 16:21 07 Jul 2004

click here

Why should it cost 5p to be informed that a number your are ringing is engaged?

No such charges on my bill and I get a lot of engaged calls of this nature when ringing my mate's business number.

  AngeTheHippy 16:31 07 Jul 2004

nice hearing from ya. I use BT, and this seems to be a standard thing when calling BT customers. This bally woman tells me the lines engaged.... I DON'T WANT HER TO TELL ME THAT! I have to pay when she tells me that! I'd rather just get the engaged signal. With One-tel however, you either get the engaged tone, or ringing tone, for which **the cother carriers** charge you for EVEN THOUGH THE CALL'S NOT ANSWERED! Grossly unfair I say...


  Stuartli 17:51 07 Jul 2004

Been doing some checking:

click here

  [DELETED] 21:54 09 Jul 2004

Same thing applies if the person you are calling has an answer phone. You get charged for the connection whether or not you leave a message. Must say though, I'd rather get the old fashioned engaged tone then the BT1571 recording!

  Djohn 22:17 09 Jul 2004

Some companies now have an automated answer service that says "Please hold, you are in a queue and will be answered shortly" Nothing wrong with that, you have the choice to hold or hang up even though you have been charged 5p for the privilege.

The new catch now though is they will hold you on-line for several minutes or send you through several menu's only to be then told. "We are very busy at the moment, please call back" And dump you off the line without giving you any other option!

Most of the companies doing this are using the 0870 prefix this is a national rate line at up to 10p per minute + VAT. :o(

  georgemac 06:53 10 Jul 2004

I agree with your comments. Now that BT have reduced the cost of national calls to 3p per min peak, why are 0870 calls not charged at the same rate? I imagine because companies get some part of the income from 0870 numbers or why would they have one? I could call a person in London for 3p per min but be charges 10 per min for a company in the same street? I'm not sure but 0845 numbers are probably similar but charged at a lower rate. Also these numbers are not included in your mobile package inclusive minutes (well not mine anyway) which I struggle to use!

I also dislike the BT1571 or call minder where you are automatically connected when the other person is on the phone and get charged 5p for the privelege.

It is also wrong to be charged for getting the engaged tone, charges should only be for connected calls, for goodness sake both parties are paying for the rental of the line! Just shows when moving phone companies you have to check the small print carefully.

Have been looking at talk talk, and thinking about getting all friends and family to move to them on mass, as calls between talk talk (carphone warehouse) customers are free - but will this be sustainable is what I ask myself? Calls are also cheaper than BT and a couple of people I have spoken too reckon this has vastly reduced their phone bill. They also offer £10 (off bill I would imagine) for both parties everytime one of your friends you recommend connects.

  [email protected] 10:38 10 Jul 2004

I've just signed up with Toucantel click here who have recently dropped the price of their unlimited calls to any UK landline any time of day or night to £9.99 (on top of BT line rental of course).

This seems like a pretty good deal compared to others on the market - there is no minimum contract length and their international rated are good too!

Unlimited is really unlimited - if you wanted to gas for 4 hours then you can without having to redial after 60 minutes as with BT.

You also get £10 added to your account if you refer anyone to them which cant be bad........on that note if you are thinking about opening an account drop me an e-mail because I would be more than happy to refer you :-)

(cant blame a chap for trying).

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