Aldi's latest PC offer!

  [DELETED] 13:49 17 Nov 2003

Aldi's new PC is due to go on sale on the 27th of Nov. Price is 843 pounds or thereabouts.( has a higher spec than what they usually offer.)
PS I'm only relaying what the manager told me this morning in my local store!!)

  [DELETED] 14:02 17 Nov 2003

Sorry , forgot to say dont know actual spec of PC.

  [DELETED] 14:48 17 Nov 2003

Call in on Thursday. They will have next weeks leaflets which will include this.

  [DELETED] 15:10 17 Nov 2003

Thanks for the information. This too might also help others have a look and decide if they want to buy this PC. I have one of their 19" monitors and it works a treat!

  Stuartli 22:50 17 Nov 2003

The offer was highlighted by a forum member about a fortnight ago, but at that time Aldi had not posted details on its website.

It's still the case but if you're interested you can register on the website to receive details by e-mail:

click here

  [DELETED] 18:26 19 Nov 2003

Here's the spec for the Aldi/Medion PC on sale from 27th November:

P4 3.0 HT; Pioneer Multi Format DVD/CD Re-Writer; ATi Radeon 9800XL128 DDR SDRAM; DVD-ROM 16x (Sony); 160 GB HD 7200rpm ATA100(Seagate); 512 MB DDR 400mhz; Stereo TV, FM Radio Card; 7x USB 2.0; 2x Firewire; 6 Channel Audio; Ethernet & Modem; Remote control; Wireless keyboard & mouse (both Medion I think); 3 yr warranty; Win XP; MS Works Suite 2004.

Review in Computer Active Issue 151, 27th Nov.

Quite an impressive spec as I'm sure you'll agree, but as I'm starting from scratch and I'll need to buy a monitor and speakers as well, it it such a good deal?

I can get roughly the same spec elsewhere e.g. Mesh, Multivision etc from 'reputable' PC manufacturers.

  [DELETED] 20:20 19 Nov 2003

"I can get roughly the same spec elsewhere e.g. Mesh, Multivision etc from 'reputable' PC manufacturers" ?????????????
You ain't gonna beat this spec from anywhere, mate - -and a 3year warranth to boot - - -buy it.

  [DELETED] 20:21 19 Nov 2003

I'm gonna buy it and I don't even need one yet.

  [DELETED] 20:44 19 Nov 2003

eerrrrmmm....price? Toy r Us are flogging a very similar Cybermaxx with 17" TFT screen for £1099


  [DELETED] 20:49 19 Nov 2003

Sorry, I suppose the price is important! Forgot to put it! It's £849.99 inc VAT.

They also have a 15" TFT Tevion monitor for £170

  [DELETED] 13:25 20 Nov 2003

yep - the toys r us one does look good, the one at £999 too - - - even the £799 one

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