ALDIs on the 20th for paper

  Totally-braindead 09:32 14 Apr 2006

Just got the Aldi newsletter and they are doing a very nice deal on 100gsm Matt coated paper, 200 sheets for £2.99. Worth a look perhaps click here I use this type of paper for CD covers and the like as it gives a better quality picture than standard inkjet paper, it can be quite good on photos too as long as you're putting it behind glass in a picture frame. From the 20th April and theres some other bits and pieces too.

  Stuartli 14:13 14 Apr 2006

I find that Aldi's Rex brand 270gsm photo paper at £4.99 for 50 sheets to be excellent but, unfortunately, it's not always available.

  Stuartli 14:17 14 Apr 2006

The April 20th offer of five computer related cables for £2.99 also looks excellent. See:

click here (Special buys)

I bought a full set of "gold-plated" Scarts and various other cables and leads for connecting a PC to a TV (most leads were 10m long) about two years ago at Aldi for the remarkable price of £5.99.

Still very much in use and excellent quality.

  pj123 17:40 14 Apr 2006

Not sure about Aldi but with Lidl if you don't get there very early on the day the offer has gone.

What's the latest you have got there and still found the offer available?

My partner has now switched from Lidl to Aldi but unfortunately Thursday 20th can't be met until about 15:30?

  Totally-braindead 17:49 14 Apr 2006

pj123 I don't know about all the ALDIs but the one here opens at 8am. The ALDI store here hasn't been open too long and therefore I find the stuff can still be there days later. The same cannot be said for out local LIDL store, its been there maybe 2 years and some of the stuff is gone by 10am and they only open at 9. LIDL also sometimes have very few of some items whereas the ALDI seem to have a lot of each.

  polo 23:29 14 Apr 2006

I've had Aldi's 100gm photo paper before and it's great. I would thoroughly recommend it for when you only need thin sheets. I don't think you have to rush early morning to get it as the last few times theyv'e had it they've had a good stock and it's been available for some time.

  Belatucadrus 17:29 15 Apr 2006

Aldi seem pretty good at distributing sufficient stock of their special offers in the west midlands, they nearly always get what's on the bulletin. Lidl I gave up on as the local branches seem to count themselves lucky if half of it turns up.

  Stuartli 17:51 15 Apr 2006

IIRC Lidl does such offers on a regional basis - some regions have the offers first and the rest follow.

  wolfie3000 21:42 15 Apr 2006

Its a shame there isnt an aldi near me as there food is really cheap i could save a bundle on my weekly shop.

  Stuartli 22:33 15 Apr 2006

No Netto either?

  Belatucadrus 22:51 15 Apr 2006

I know and I used to check out their website which would tell what items were region affected, even knowing this the delivery results were very erratic. In my experience in this region Aldi seem better able to judge required stock of specials and deliver them on a less selective basis. No I don't work for either and yes I still use both when applicable.

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