ALDI special offer versus PCA top ten list

  ch0pper 19:09 27 Mar 2004

I note that ALDI are selling a very nice 3.0GHz Medion PC for £749.

It doesn't come with a display screen.

SO, how would it compare with the PCs listed in PCA for a similar price?

I was thinking especially about warranty work.

Would one be better off going to Mesh or Evesham?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:24 27 Mar 2004

There are a couple of threads about the Aldi/Medion computer which should answer your questions. The topic is somewhat academic as they usually sell out on the first day and this speaks volumes.


  ch0pper 19:28 27 Mar 2004

The Sun and Daily Mirror usually sell out every day as well.

Does that tell us anything about the 'newspaper' or the type of people that read them?

The real issue is whether the Medion PC is really a quality item or simply cheap.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:32 27 Mar 2004

I have one and can assure you that it is quality. Pioneer, Sony, Seagate have all had a hand in it. The specs and price cannot be beaten by a home builder and the number of complaints seem to be negligible. The software is excellent and all useful. IMHO it knocks the spots of Evesham and Mesh for the price. Do a search on this forum and see what others have to say.


  hollins1 22:08 27 Mar 2004

Here are the specs for the all-new Medion PC .... OUT 1ST APRIL IN AN ALDI STORE NEAR YOU!!!

Pentium 4 3.0GHz HT processor
Pioneer DVD/CD Re-Writer (think Apple Superdrive!)
Wireless 54Mbit LAN (for the wireless keyboard and mouse!)
ATI Radeon 9800 XXL 128MB Graphics Card (wot on earth is this spec? - is it wearing oversize trousers!) and PS... and extra X is added to the model name this time!
16x DVD-ROM - can't see if this is generic spec or if it is still a Sony DVD like in the 8080XL.
200GB HD - 40GB up since the last model!
512MB memory ... s'ok but a bay free for easy expansion (SAMSUNG BRANDED)
6x USB 2
2X Firewire
Dolby Digital 8 Channel Audio!
10/100Mbit LAN
56K modem... (well if you INSIST!)

£749.99 (that's £100 off since the last computer! wowzers :) )

3yr warrenty!
Monitor not included....

WOT DO YOU THINK!? oh and someone PLEASE tell me wot the Radeon 9800 XXL is... PRO,XT etc.?

  Cybermaxx 19:41 28 Mar 2004

Re. Radeon 9800 XXL. Well, it isn't a 9800 SE anyway. If it was it would only have a 128 bit interface. I THINK it's a standard 9800 with XXL tacked on to it! My Medion PC has a Radeon 9000LE card, and I've never been able to find out the difference (if any) between this and a standard 9000. There is no 9000LE listed on the ATI site. I even once e-mailed Medion and asked them, but they just told me it was a meaningless marketing term (ie they didn't know!).

I'm not keen on the wireless mouse and keyboard. I had a pair of cordless headphones which never worked very well, so I'll stick with the wires.

  MidgetMan 19:56 28 Mar 2004

I remember about 4/5 yrs ago buying one of the first medion pc's being sold by Aldi, it cost nearly £1000 and was then considered top of the rang. I gave it to my mum several years ago and it is still going strong with no faults. Another said about the build quality I think.

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