Aldi offers Dec2nd

  joe95 23:48 28 Nov 2004

Seems like some reasonable stuff.
don't know how to post link sorry.

  sidecar sid 00:06 29 Nov 2004

Personally i will be filling my basket with the thai Style Chicken Soup .

click here (what new)

  joe95 00:11 29 Nov 2004

what about the comforting custard?

  sidecar sid 00:25 29 Nov 2004

Mmmmm custard is there anything it can not do?

  spuds 10:12 29 Nov 2004

If you visit Aldi and you cannot find the special offer, ask the staff. Recently there as been a slight blip in deliveries with some items.

I was trying to obtain an angle grinder on recent offer, three stores local, two had supplies one did not.Third store had plenty a week later. I also notice that one store still have the Seimans Finger password mouse, now reduced by another £3.00 as clearance stock.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:13 29 Nov 2004

joe95 - to post a link, either a, type it in as www . aldi .com

or b, go to the address bar and copy the address and then paste here. It will become a click here.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:22 29 Nov 2004

DVD recorder for £119.99 seems a good buy if you want one.


  Stuartli 17:25 29 Nov 2004

E-buyer had several on offer over the weekend around this price, including one from Panasonic.

  Stuartli 17:29 29 Nov 2004

Not the most stylish of DVD recorders by the way...:-)

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