aldi medion update

  whatchamacallit 13:20 03 Dec 2003

I told today that some store`s still have the Titanium MD8080XL System on sale, and maybe getting more in stock.

So I would pop in to your local Aldi store, and ask if they have or getting anymore in.

  g0slp 07:35 04 Dec 2003

is still taking orders for these machines. Don't know when this offer will be closed, though.

I understand that this should be happening in all Aldi stores

  Stuartli 13:09 04 Dec 2003

Thought I'd get one of the £9.99 Medion multi card readers this morning as it's £3 less than the Typhoon model at Lidl (although Typhoon's own UK website has it listed at £28 plus).

Got there just after 10am only to be informed: "They've all gone mate"..:-(

So had the 128MB pen USB versions at £34.99, although this is not an exceptional price.

There was an empty box for the pen version - presumably some nice person had slipped it into a pocket...

It could be of interest that Jettech inkjet refill kits were on offer at £3.99 for three black (30ml) bottles (plus a cartridge cleaner), and £7.99 for the colour pack.

  whatchamacallit 18:51 04 Dec 2003

Yes I thought the same, I know they move stock around if it`s not selling in one store, they will send it to another store.

  TBH1 23:21 04 Dec 2003

I'm really pushing Aldi this evening - - -have they a presence on this forum ????
I bought a surge protecter thingy today for £9.99 - - 6 outputs and protection for modem too - - - -and £7.99 for a bottle of Southern Belle, nearlly all gone now :-(

  Stuartli 08:43 05 Dec 2003

My local Kwik-Save is offering a four-gang surge protected mains extension lead for £6.99 - remarkably there are TWO extensions in each pack...:-)

Safeway sells basic extensions for £2.99 and a fancy one for £5.99.

  carver 17:15 05 Dec 2003

Any body want a 28" wide screen telly, they are on sale from next Thursday £189.99

  whatchamacallit 17:38 05 Dec 2003

Iam just a customer passing info on a good product, (md8080xl) Point taken.

  Stuartli 09:36 06 Dec 2003

All very well paying a low price for a large screen TV but if it goes kapput you may find out it wasn't such a bargain after all...

My mate runs an independent audio/visual/appliances retail outlet and gets several people a week, who have bought a cheap telly from the big name stores or outlets such as you mention, asking him to repair them.

They are quite surprised - and often very angry - when he politely tells them to take it back to where they bought it.

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