aldi - medion md8809 - 3rd august - £400

  jarani 12:50 03 Aug 2006

anyone any comments - what do i need for wireless network at home ? - it seems all cable connections - what has it not got at that price ? - jarani

  vinnyT 13:33 03 Aug 2006

It looks from the review I read to be nice basic pc.

It does'nt have a discrete vga card, the onboard graphics use up 64mb of your system ram (not a real prob as there is 1gb), also the review did not mention what type of spare slot is on the mobo, ie pci-x or agp. So you don't know if you can upgrade the graphics (at all), though you should be able to. It does'nt metion the psu, it may not be able to cope with todays graphics cards.

There is no monitor supplied, a good thing in my opinion, you can make your own choice.

The hard disk is small, 50gb, easily upgraded.

If all you need the pc for is office type work, net surfing, then it looks a good deal, if you want to play more recent games, then I'd forget it.

Hope this helps.

  jarani 14:01 03 Aug 2006

vinnyT - great help - thank you - jarani

  BH34 14:17 03 Aug 2006

This base station has a 200Gb hard disk drive and not a 50Gb hard disk drive as reported in Computer Active.

  vinnyT 14:25 03 Aug 2006

jarani, welcome.

BH34. I'll never believe the press again;-))

  BRYNIT 16:08 03 Aug 2006

Specifications from Aldi Web site

Intel Pentium D820 Dual Core Processor 2.8GHz
Two processor cores work within the same processor to increase the performance of your PC. Dual core technology means that several demanding applications can be run at the same time allowing your computer to think as fast as you can multitask.

200GB Hard Disk
Superfast 7,200rpm, Serial ATA interface.

1024MB Memory
DDR2 SDRAM/533MHz. Both memory slots occupied.

Multi-Standard Dual Layer DVD/CD Writer1
Max. Write Speed: 8 × DVD+R dual layer, 4 × DVD-R dual layer, 16 × DVD+R, 16 × DVD-R, 8 × DVD+RW, 6 × DVD-RW, 5 × DVD-RAM, 48 × CD-R, 24 × CD-RW. Max. Read Speed: 16 × DVD-ROM, 48 × CD-ROM.

DVB-T2/Analogue TV
Hybrid DVB-T/Analogue TV Tuner Card with RF remote control.

S3 Graphics UnichromeTM PRO IGP (on board)
Upgradable through 8 × AGP slot.

6 Channel Audio3
Dolby Digital© For Home Theatre Sound4.

Integrated 8-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader
Reads from and writes to all common Flash cards5.

6 × USB 2.0 Ports - 2 × Front, 4 × Rear.
V.90 PCI data/fax modem, modem connection cable included.
Network controller on board. Fast Ethernet 10/100MBit/s.

  notrom 17:00 03 Aug 2006

I'm thinking of replacing a 5 year old Dell PC which is giving cause for concern - would I be able to use my existing monitor,keyboard and speakers with the aldi pc?

  Quiet Life 17:21 03 Aug 2006


  Quiet Life 17:21 03 Aug 2006


  Dodrikc 21:44 03 Aug 2006

I'm typing this reply on an MD 8809 - connected to my broadband by wi-fi.
I put in a standard PCI wifi card, no problems at all. (i've taken out the rather fat modem that it comes with, so I've still got one pci slot free)

You may prefer to use a usb wifi adapter, you won't need to open the case for that.

It doesn't come with a screen, and the onboard graphics doesn't support widescreen resolotions like 1440 x 900 - the reoloution of my screen, so everyhtings a bit stretched. shame when tescos are selling nice 19" tft widescreens for £150 - a good match for a PC bought from ALDI.

so far all I've done is set it up and run windows update, so i can't comment on the tv software etc. yet.


there's 8xagp slot on the MB and 3 pci slots (not pci-e) 2 pci slots are taken up by the included TV card and modem. nmodem has such a fat casing you may have trouble getting another card in next to it, but move it to the end, and it'll be ok.

the sound crad may support dolby digital, but it doesn't have a co-ax or optical output, so you need to plug in your 5 speakers and sub-woofer with 3 stero headphone jacks.

  Dodrikc 21:46 03 Aug 2006

see the bit that says:

"so far all I've done is set it up and run windows update, so i can't comment on the tv software etc. yet.


That was supposed to be at the end, ok?

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