Aldi Medion Mania

  tigerb 16:52 06 Dec 2003

Having missed out on a medion from aldi, i have looked at a simalar speced medion pc from pc world but £100 cheaper, is this the same one or should i wait until Aldi get another delivery of there more expensive version?

  Telocc 17:23 06 Dec 2003

which "one" is PCW selling?

  Telocc 17:24 06 Dec 2003

which "one" is PCW selling?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:45 06 Dec 2003

PCW are flogging a medion with AMD Athlon Xp 3000+ processor for .....£610. The HD is 80Gb but I think the rest looks the same. Type MEDION 3000SR into PCW's search.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:50 06 Dec 2003

They are also flogging a Medion 3200 POWER, 17" monitor and 160Gb HD for 848 squid. Like the other one it has a DVD writer and a larger (256Mb) graphics card.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:53 06 Dec 2003

...and they are flogging the above, sans monitor, for 750 squid but they appear to be OOS at pres.


  rickf 20:52 06 Dec 2003

The graphics is the lowly FX5200 at pcw as compared to the top-notch Radeon ATI 9800XL in the Aldi ones. Wait for stocks to come in. Toyrus have Medions with better specs than the ones at pcw. I believe Staples have them too. Investigate before plunging for the pcw ones.

  tigerb 21:21 06 Dec 2003

Thanks for replys so far, would the graphics card make that much difference and is the amd 3200 as good as the intel 3.06?

  spuds 21:54 06 Dec 2003

Aldi sold out of the Medion computers. Not in my hometown.(;o))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:12 07 Dec 2003

If you are not an avid gamer the card and the processor will make no difference. Even if you are a gamer the difference will be debatable.


  rickf 09:25 07 Dec 2003

The difference between the FX5200 and the ATI9800XL is nearly £200. The FX 5200 is on its way out. You can now but it for about £40-£45. Also if you want to edit videos, the difference would be immense.

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