ALDI DVD Recorder

  Longinus 15:16 24 Apr 2005

This DVD recorder goes on sale this Thursday.

click here

Is it any good considering the cheap price tag and would I be able to transfer my old VHS tapes onto DVD using this DVD recorder and if so,how do I go about it?

  TomJerry 16:12 24 Apr 2005

£109 for a sigle format, no name cannot be compares with £138 for dual format big name

On LVW-5006 DVD Recorder click here

  Hamish 16:18 24 Apr 2005

Agree with Tomjerry. Liteon is a very good make and write to most discs. Also consider a recorder with a hard drive as it makec it very easy to record without looking for discs.

  Magik ®© 16:42 24 Apr 2005

richer sounds are selling the Panasonic dvd recorder cheaply, that has a HDD that will take 142 hours of recording, got one last week, an ace bit of gear. now putting hundreds of video's onto disk.......trouble is I have not the heart to throw the video's out :-)

  SEASHANTY 16:47 24 Apr 2005

Agree with above - the Tevion from Aldi is not good value.

  bemuzed 16:49 24 Apr 2005

Liteon do have adoo reputation but a seller my local computer fair said he had more of their optical drives returned than other manufacturers.

  Longinus 19:11 24 Apr 2005

Thanks for the replies.

I won't bother with the ALDI recorder.

BTW: - is it easy it transfer VHS tapes onto DVDs and if so, how do I do it?

Do you tune the DVD recorder into Video recorder and then record just like you would with a TV programme?

  Rwstill 19:27 24 Apr 2005

You need to use your computer.
Also you need an analogue to digital converter.

  TomJerry 19:31 24 Apr 2005

just like to copy from one VHS to anther VHS

  TomJerry 19:33 24 Apr 2005

get Liteon

connect VHS to Liteone by Scart, play tape in VHS and record in Liteone

you can do with puter, but it is time wate way

  Longinus 19:46 24 Apr 2005

Thanks for all the info.

I'm going to buy the Liteon.I would have got the ALDI one if I hadn't asked.

Copying VHS onto DVD sounds easy,cheers.

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