Aldi - digital snapper

  six-h 23:25 03 Dec 2007

This weeks special: -click here
Can anyone identify its origins, or otherwise advise??

  I am Spartacus 23:44 03 Dec 2007

Possibly a Minox DC 1022, Supra DC-XZ6, Maginon DC-XZ6

  I am Spartacus 23:45 03 Dec 2007

Not found much else apart from click here

  six-h 00:40 04 Dec 2007

Thanks for that, looks like that's it.
I am a bit put off by a complaint that I have found on Google after entering "Maginon DC-XZ6".
It describes a constant blemish that appears on all pictures, and I had this with my current Aldi DC5300, it just suddenly started to show after nearly three years use, and took two attempts by Traveller to rectify.
Don't want that again:-)

  Arnie 10:00 06 Dec 2007

The German web site for all Traveler cameras.

Manuals and drivers can be downloaded from there.

click here

  jarani 15:34 06 Dec 2007


  Stuartli 17:52 06 Dec 2007

At the moment you can buy the Canon 7.1MP A570IS for £99.99 - vastly superior I would respectively suggest.

click here

One or two of the Aldi digital cameras have been based on Vivitar models themselves, IIRC, rebadged products.

  six-h 18:22 06 Dec 2007

Certainly is, just that I was attracted by the "pocketability" of the aldi one, and the powerful zoom.
The A570IS takes me more into the realms of DSLR's and there I would be more likely to go for the EOS or similar!
The Aldi snapper is a re-badged Minox DC 1022, though this meens zip to me!

  six-h 18:50 06 Dec 2007

I didn't get any notification of the postings after I clicked "Resolved", didn't know that the e-mails stopped after that :-))

  BT 08:52 07 Dec 2007

Tesco have some cheap Digital cameras for £19.99.
I bought one last year and for the price its very good. Its 5mp, uses SD cards and takes very sharp pictures.

  six-h 17:32 07 Dec 2007

BT, yeah, but I'm really looking for a DSLR that I can put in my pocket;-) (and a David Bailey eye transplant!)
The Aldi one is the most powerful optical zoom I have seen at that size, but I'm a bit suspicious since the sensor that carries 10.1 megapixels, is smaller that the one on my existing camera which has only 5.25 mega pixels.
The implication is that on max zoom, with anything less that blazing desert sunshine, the picture will be plagued by noise!

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