smullan_2000 14:08 25 Mar 2004

how dose this sound for a good deal.

Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz with hyper-threading-technoligy,
ultra fast 54 Mbit/Sec wireless data transfer card
multi-format DVD/CD re-writer
ATi Radeon 9800 XXL With 128MB DDR SD-Ram, graphics card and 256-Bit memory interface.
200 GB Hard Drive.
512MB DDr Dual Channel Memory.

this also has slots for

memory sticks
Smart card, reader/writer
Smart media/XD
6 x UBS
2 x Firewire
10/100 MBit Lan Card
56k modem

also included is wireless mouse, keyboard and remote control.
can be connected to an TV via SCART Lead.

all for only 749.99, made by MEDION

any comments

  weedode 14:29 25 Mar 2004

This Topic already initiated by ' noelski 'in a thread called " Aldi selling a PC ? "

  TBH1 16:10 25 Mar 2004

This sounds like the one they had for sale in November - - -for £899 - -or was it £849 ??? A good deal then so even better now.

  andy cam 22:11 25 Mar 2004

i am looking for a new p.c i have a time computer p2 450 of 5 years old need a good op grade for camera photo ,video camcorder and dvd -/+ writer and a card reader if got one . how would you rate this aldi deal is it worth it. or can you recomend any other

  TBH1 11:13 26 Mar 2004

aldi site now updated, have a look click here

some goods kit here, 17"tft for £270, the scart lead set for a sick squid looks useful too.

  Dipso 12:29 26 Mar 2004

I got the last Aldi offering, the Titanium 8080. I am well pleased with it. As far as I can see, the new one is pretty similar but has a 8x DVD writer and a larger hard drive.It should meet all of your requirements.

  Cybermaxx 16:49 26 Mar 2004

A work colleague showed me the leaflet for this PC today. He wanted to know whether it would be a good purchase. "Better than my heap of scrap!", I told him.

What exactly is a 9800 XXL? Is it based on a standard 9800 or a 9800 Pro?

Also, the memory. "512 MB at 400 MHz, with one bank free." Does this mean it has 2 X 256 MB sticks fitted, and another two slots are available in the free bank?

  andy cam 18:05 26 Mar 2004

does any one now about themanufacturs warrenty
whats coverd do you take it back to aldi or what hapens if something go wrong

  Diodorus Siculus 18:15 26 Mar 2004

If there are any problems you contact Medion via a national rate phone line; based in Swindon. Good service is the usual from them.

  andy cam 18:26 26 Mar 2004

do you have to send p.c back and do you pay or do they

  Longinus 20:29 26 Mar 2004

Looks like they've got their hands on a monitor too.Can anyone tell me if it's good value for money.I'll paste the details.

17" TFT Monitor £269.99
Add style and performance to your home or office with this high specification award winning 17" TFT monitor. This multi-media screen, a reddot design award winner, has a top end SXGA LCD resolution of 1280 x 1024, a contrast ratio of 350:1, on screen display menus and a typical brightness of 270cd per m2. The product comes complete with its own sturdy stand and two in-built speakers. A manufacturer’s three year warranty and customer helpline is included in this great price.

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