al stiched up

  philep 21:01 03 Sep 2003

i want to stich photographs together seamlessly

love to know what the best software is!
has anyone got a clue?

  snoresloudly 21:18 03 Sep 2003

this is
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you need
Got a technical query or a problem with your PC? Come on in - chances are there's someone in the Helproom who can lend a hand.

but that aside what are you using at the moment, and please clarify what you mean by stitch photos together?

  Jomi 21:24 03 Sep 2003

I've done this a few times when documents have been too big for the scanner and I've had to scan several times and stitch together several images to get one complete copy.
I use Paintshop pro 7, although version 8 is out now. You can download a free trial copy from click here

  Jomi 21:26 03 Sep 2003

and follow snoresloudly's advice, you'll get more responses in the helproom.

  Djohn 22:47 03 Sep 2003

Adobe elements will do this for you and most of the Photo tool programs may also have this facility. It's used to "Stitch" 2 or more photo's together, to make a continuous scene. j.

  Patr100 00:16 04 Sep 2003

Irfanview will do this for free from click here

Select the "create panorama image " option.

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