ajp and mesh have same spec laptop

  colcol 19:42 17 Jan 2004

I am considering buying an ajp d480v laptop advertised at £1350.08 including vat. I see that mesh advertises its 800fsb laptop with identical specs at £1408.83 incl vat. (this was the price of the ajp last month. how strange that 2 companies offer exactly the same machine and at exactly the same price initially.

both companies offer the same 3 year return to base warranty. however, mesh states that after the first 14 days, the customer must pay pickup and collection charges of £50. Is it normal for courier charges to be paid by the customer for warranty repairs?

I now have 2 mesh desktops and have no complaints with their service.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:39 18 Jan 2004

Is it normal for courier charges to be paid by the customer for warranty repairs? - depends on the terms of the warranty. That one would be called a RTB warranty: return to base. Otherwise it would be a collect and return warranty.

  bfoc 20:26 18 Jan 2004

If the warranty repair is needed due to a fault with the machine in the first 6 months, unless it can be proved that the fault was not present at the point of sale, that will be the retailers responsibility and the consumer should not have to pay anything to get the matter resolved, no matter what the 'terms' may say.

  Richard 20:56 18 Jan 2004

Be careful of Mesh 3years return to base warranty. I have just had a run in with them and I am told that for a laptop you have to pay after the first year.
Ask for a copy of the terms and conditions before you buy.

  Sir Radfordin 00:25 19 Jan 2004

Due to the more complicated nature of a laptops build you will often find that there are actaully very few 'different' models out there, most are simply rebadged. This is even more ture just after the launch of a new chip.

What you end up paying for is the 'value added extras' and 'customer service' and in some cases the 'name' of the person you buy from.

In this instance there seems to be little difference apart from price...and perhaps T&Cs so is up to you which one (if any) you opt for.

  Stuartli 10:06 19 Jan 2004

As Sir Radfordin rightly points out most laptops are rebadged models and built to specification for other brand names as well as under that of the original manufacturer; most are produced in the Far East.

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