AJP Laptops - question

  Brian-336451 19:18 16 Aug 2003

Has anyone got any feedback on AJP computers. I've been narrowing down the field in my quest for a laptop to take abroad with me and I'm just about decided on an AJP machine.

I've contacted them twice by phone and Simon has been both knowledgable and helpful.

Does anyone want to comment on their experiences with AJP before I take the plunge.

To be balanced, I'm more than happy to hear both negative and positive comment if you are willing to take the time to comment.

Thanks in advance. And thankyou Simon for being so helpful (yes I know its his job but plenty of people DON'T do it well - just try ringing a Utilities company).

  colcol 09:33 13 Jan 2004

hi there - I am reading good reviews of ajp laptops and am close to ordering one. did you order one in the end and were you satisfied with machine and service.

has anyone on the board experiience of this company and its products?

  Inky 10:40 14 Jan 2004

My girlfiend bought an AJP. Puts my ancient beast to shame. It had everything from TV Tuner to detachable MP3 player and I would heartily recommend them.

She's been very happy with it although the battery hasn't lasted very long. About 1 year old and now won't hold a charge. (About £120 to replace!!!) Having said that, it's used as a desktop replacement so can easily be tethered to the mains.

  JerryJay 13:25 14 Jan 2004

I had a ajp over 6 years still going. They are not very nice looking also very heavy but they got really high spec components. If you want to take machine abroad, it might be a good idea to get one with International Warrenty.

  colcol 18:42 14 Jan 2004

many thanks for info. ajp's 17" widescreen model looks great. however, mesh have one with virtually same spec except for smaller hdd at exactly same price.

  Brian-336451 13:59 19 Jan 2004

I bought an M3000N as when I travel that extra kilogram lighter was important to me.

The machine, arrived on time with loads of CDs including (unusually a proper XP Pro install disk as backup - within the cost).

The screen resolution is superb although it uses onboard graphics rather than a dedicated card, I don't really play games although it does run CMR3 with few if any problems.

It only reads DVD+ although that's not actually mentioned anywhere, leading me to think it had a problem that actually didn't exist.

Would I buy another from them, based on this machine, its looks, performance, weight and software - unhesitatingly YES.

Whatever choice you make, good luck and I'm sure that you'll enjoy whatever you decide on.

I love my laptop as a communication/entertainment device as I spend so much time on my own in Bangladesh.

  colcol 19:36 20 Jan 2004

I ordered my ajp 17" widescreen laptop today. thanks for your opinion and experience.

fyi - as I reported earlier on this board, mesh sell the identical laptop but at a higher price.

I rang mesh last saturday and asked if they could match the price. I was told that the laptop people dont work after lunch on saturday and I should ring again on monday.

on monday I again rang mesh sales and asked :

can I have an intental tv tuner card fitted to this same mesh laptop and

is it true that after 14 days I must pay the carriage costs both ways to get the laptop repaired under warranty?

the woman who took the call said she did not know but these details would be sorted when I placed a firm order. I asked for the information now and she put me on hold and I was disconnected 30 seconds later

I rang back immediately and talked to another woman in sales. I asked the same questions and she said since she had only worked for mesh for a week she could not answer these questions. she offered to put me on hold until another sales person was available about 5 plus minutes. I said thanks but I would ring again.

Today I rang ajp and the salesman had all the answers, promised delivery on friday (today is tuesday)and gratefully accepted my order.

this is sad since I have 2 mesh desktops and have had reasonable service from mesh.

  Gaz 25 22:14 20 Jan 2004

They are Ok. Go buy.

  anchor 09:41 21 Jan 2004

I hope that Mesh may have read this, and realise how a sale has been lost.

  colcol 14:00 26 Jan 2004

An update on my new ajp laptop.

Last tuesday I ordered my 17" widesscreen laptop from ajp. they promised delivery 3 days later on friday.

at 1000 on friday morning the laptop arrived. it worked perfectly as far as I could see,

I had a couple of quesies and rang ajp twice. in each case I got to speak to a tecki in under 1 minute and each time I got sensible advice and good information.

my experience of ajp to date is excellent. fyi -I have no connection to this company.

  Brian-336451 23:55 26 Jan 2004

Mine's now about 3 months old and hasn't missed a beat.

Its also nice to have a full installation CD for Windows XP Pro instead of one of those dratted image disks that wipes all your other software out.

(Unless you use Partition Magic and put your program files on another partition - but that's another story. You'd have to make sure that the C: drive was big enough to take the image of course)

Regards to all at AJP and thanks, shame about Multivision though, I nearly bought one of their laptops, high spec and outstanding value for money - you can see why now.

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