AJP G220 Notebook

  Graham ® 19:54 27 Jan 2005

As reviewed in last months' PCA. Can you only purchase from AJP, as the delivery charge of £45 seems a bit steep.

Plus, what is the difference between a notebook and a laptop, please?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:53 27 Jan 2005

[quote]what is the difference between a notebook and a laptop?[/quote] - nothing except the terminology.

One hears of sub-notebooks but never of sub-laptops though...

Don't knwo where you can purchase AJP machines other than from them; delivery charges are a means by which many vendors make a profit.

  Graham ® 20:56 27 Jan 2005

Thanks, so a notebook is a poor mans' laptop.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:16 27 Jan 2005

Notebook seemed to become popular when it was no longer necessary to place a laptop on ones lap to use it. I have an ancient Toshiba here (early 80's) which was huge and really needed to be placed on the users knees, at the very least.

It had a tiny screen that was capable of displaying two colours - black and orange. It is necessary to boot with a floppy disk and then take that out and load into memory the application that you want to use with it. All I have are a word processor and very basic accounts program.

  Graham ® 21:43 27 Jan 2005

This comes with a DVD player combo CD Writer. Do these all slide out these days so they can be upgraded?

  TomJerry 17:32 28 Jan 2005

(1) 2.1kg is too heavy for a sub-notebook (or sub-laptop), it may be better to spend more to get a light one

(2) it is very trick to replace any laptop component, you may jave to go to AJP if you want to have a DVD writer which may cost a lot

An alternative I would suggest is: ASUS M5623N which cost £975, with DVD writer and only 1.55kg

M5623N-MH WXH PM 1.5 715 512MB 40GB DVD-RW 12" 56k LAN 802.11g 54Mbps WLAN i855GME Shared Graphics
click here, click here

better value for money than AJP one in my view

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