airport xray and cameras!

  rick90 22:21 26 Nov 2006

going abrode next year,
dose anyone know if the xrays at airports damages digital cameras,as I have just bought mine and don,t want it damaged.?? :-[

  Vangeliska 22:49 26 Nov 2006

Tens of thousands of people travel each year with Digital Cameras.

  rick90 22:54 26 Nov 2006

I only asked because there is an issue with film and fogging, I wondered about electronics,and memory cards.??

  Vangeliska 22:58 26 Nov 2006

Tens of thousands of people travel each year with Digital Cameras.

  Vangeliska 22:58 26 Nov 2006

What's up with this site?

  Stuartli 23:00 26 Nov 2006

I been though X-ray scanners with cameras and many rolls of film carried by hand and never had any problems with fogging.

As for memory cards, I have a 256MB Secure Digital card and memory card reader/writer handy about four inches from my monitor all the time, except when in use elsewhere, and the card hasn't been affected in any way.

The same goes for CD and DVD media - no magnetic influence possible.

  Stuartli 23:01 26 Nov 2006

The site has been a bit slow downloading in the past half-hour or so.

  Vangeliska 23:03 26 Nov 2006

3 days by my reckoning!

Oh, I forgot, it's free, innit!

  rick90 23:05 26 Nov 2006

You seem a little rude,I asked a simple question and you,re reply was not an answer,I could ask if cars where safe and you could reply millions travel in cars,but that dose not mean they all arrive safely,nuff said.:-[

  rick90 23:09 26 Nov 2006

sorry, site slow , thread not on when left last message . Stuartli, ta for that,question answered, but I once had fogged film when developed.Or was it the lab.:-[

  Stuartli 00:17 27 Nov 2006

You might have fogged the film (35mm?) when putting it in or taking it out of the camera. Out of date film can also sometimes produce fogged film characteristics.

Incidentally, because I still use film at times, I keep them in the fridge and let them warm up sufficiently before use. They can be stored in this way for some considerable time.

It's only tonight that I've noticed that this website has been a little slow for a short while downloading - might be due to volume of traffic or even maintenance.

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