AGP x8 Graphics Card with a budget or around £85

  Giggle n' Bits 00:53 02 Jul 2003

Looking to buy a new AGP x8 Graphics card for Asus A7V8X-X board. In the past building a friends pc I have used a Creative Ti4200 64MB DDR AGP x4.

What is a good or reasonable AGP x8 Nvidia Chip card what I could get for around the £80 mark Inc.VAT from SCAN click here, click here or click here

Reviews seem to point towards a 128MB Ti4600 AGP x8 but choice of manufactuer really confuse.

Gainward, Pixelview, Leadtech, Creative, Sparkle who are of these people a fair AGP VGA card manufacturer. Probably not going to get any feedback here but no one will be shot if bad advice given.

Not into Games just DVD, and general pc usage.

  DieSse 01:36 02 Jul 2003

If it's just for everyday useage, why bother wth AGP8x - just get a decent card 4x or 8x. I would have thought a GeF4 4200 or a GFX 5200 would be more than capable.

  kane_2002k 02:33 02 Jul 2003

the card you mention was previously a premium card (i.e. range topper). Something of that power really is only needed for games.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:22 02 Jul 2003

different manufacuter's to choose from my it difficult to decide. Are they all the same at the end of the day be it Gainward or Creative ?.

Prefer a Ti AGP x8 with 64MB DDR but unable to find any there all 128MB which I think is overkill.

Can jazzy pop find any of these AGP x8 Ti4200 with 64MB anywhere ?.

Not seen Jazzy for a few months now, hope your well M8.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:23 02 Jul 2003

Best Wishes and thank's for the call !.

  kane_2002k 22:10 02 Jul 2003

Yeah they should all more or less be the same, differences will only be there if one of the manufactor's has upped the clock speed - which i think is unlikely. But i doubt you will be able to find a 64mb version of the 8x agp card, pretty sure it was only made in 128mb - sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:20 02 Jul 2003

Erhh DABS have em
them new FX5200 cards 64MB AGP x8

Thanks for the call again "Kane_2002k" !

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