AGFA 1.3 million pixel camera £49.99

  Kernal1873 12:42 22 Nov 2003

Hi there,

Todays Daily Record Dixon’s is advertising an AGFA 1.3 million pixel camera (model SXI.3mp) for £49.99 (it was £99.99) I was considering purchasing a digital camera soon and I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this camera and its pros and cons.

The camera is also available on the Dixon’s web site for £49.89


click here#

Any comments on this offer would be appreciated.


  anchor 17:11 22 Nov 2003

Quite frankly, in digital camera terms this might be regarded as "out of the ark". 1.3 Mpixel has long been superseded by 2Mp as a minimum. I suspect that this model is quite a few years old, and I think the price being asked is all that it is worth.

If you can afford about £24 more you could get the superior, current Kodak CX 6200, 2Mp camera.

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Here is a typical web price

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  Stuartli 17:29 22 Nov 2003

One Kodak model has been advertised for a week or so (2MP) with digital zoom for £99.99.

Some of the earlier Agfa digital models, surprisingly for a firm that produced so many fine film cameras in the past, have been stated to have very average optics.

Mind you, a lot of the cheap digital cameras are produced in Taiwan etc and are rebadged.

One of these Taiwanese firms is the Minton Optical Company, which produced some earlier Trust and Jenoptik models:

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  Kernal1873 21:26 22 Nov 2003

Thanks for the info guys. I think i may hold off until after Xmas ro see what is available then.

Thanks Again

  psyoung 21:44 22 Nov 2003

I bought this camera from Dixons for my kids to use and play about with. I realised the functions would be limited, but AGFA is an okay name and 1.3 million pixels isn't too bad.

Returning the camera to the shop within 2 days may indicate I wasn't impressed.

Firstly the camera needed to be held perfectly still to avoid blurring, and the imade on the LCD screen was very orange/red in colour. I was prepared to overlook this until I transferred the images to the PC and found that all the images remained this colour.

I did expect some compromises in quality, but the lack of colour was a slight problem!

I would strongly suggest you not to purchase this camera but pay out that little bit extra for something half decent.

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