after sale computer service

  suebrookes 00:04 02 Jan 2005

We are currently looking to replace our computer and have found good reviews for various computers around £1,000, but checking further all online suppliers seem to have bad customer ratings. Recommendations about where to buy a computer from!

  Starfox 01:13 02 Jan 2005

I can certainly recommend these for quality and service click here

And these for value click here

  961 10:59 02 Jan 2005

Most computers work out of the box. Between 92% and 98% depending on supplier, quality of components and, especially, care in delivery.

Naturally you will find out here mainly about the small number that don't. Folk who have no complaint are too busy enjoying their purchase

That said, you will find here a general indication of service standards. These do vary widely. Between companies, between times of the year, and when a faulty batch of components arrives, etc

"On site service" means very different things to many companys and buyers. If you think you need only pick up the phone to have an engineer at your doorstep, then think again. The on-site engineer doesn't come cheap, and if the manufacturer can sort things another way he won't come at all. Remember that computer hardware is pretty reliable these days. If it works out of the box then when it goes wrong ten days later the chances are that the new owner has messed up the system software and, although you regard it as a blatant excuse when you ring the helpline, it is quite often the cause of the malfunction

Who to buy from? Well, Mesh and Evesham build good systems. Dell is a good value world manufacturer. PCWorld, much maligned, means you can go and look, try it, and take it home. No waiting for the thing to be built or delivered.
There is a convenience about local purchase that is often ignored and the price difference when one adds in the £40/£50 that mail order often adds for delivery is not so great as is often made out. Don't forget either that you may have a local computer guy. He won't be so cheap and he may not have the range of product but if he has a good local reputation he may be there if you need help.

Finally, unless you are after the latest cutting edge, I think £750 is a good price point these days, with the remainder being spent on good software plus the good printer you need etc. I regard the purchase of a retail copy of Windows as a valuable add on when buying a computer. You can use it if your system goes wrong, you can upgrade it, move it to a new computer. Don't buy the computer with the bundled printer. It won't be top of the quality stakes

And really really finally, don't buy extended warranty. If it's going to go wrong it will happen within the initially warranty period. After that, it may well go on forever

  stylehurst 17:23 02 Jan 2005

I have no complaints about Novatech, have used them for 10 years

  spuds 17:28 02 Jan 2005

Good advice and suggestions given by 961, and basically it is a case of horses for courses.

I would also add that you do not always really fully on reviews. Most reviews miss out on the small manufacturer who product can be just as good as the bigger guys.

If you are considering something like Dell, who make very good products,more so for the corperate world. Then check their website and the media advertising, as the price discounts can be quite different for the same model of computer.

  anchor 15:40 04 Jan 2005

Speaking personally, I have found Evesham excellent in after sales service.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:43 04 Jan 2005 home..return if expensive postage or knuckle-draggers throwing your parcel about.


  Totally-braindead 16:55 04 Jan 2005

Gandalf makes a good point, don't like PCW myself but walking in and then walking out with a PC does have a certain advantage. If you're then dissatisfied with what you have then instead of speaking to someone on the phone or sending constant emails you can box it up and go down and see someone face to face. Personally I think if I was going to buy a PC I'd probably try Novatech, they're the only company I've dealt with, for buying computer components, that haven't made a dogs dinner of at least one order. And their PCs are very reasonably priced.

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