floydking 18:25 24 Apr 2004

I hope they come to grips with this soon. I have had a thing called 'Bargain Buddy', which wasn't exactly easy to rid myself of, and an obligatory weather forcast program with two recent downloads - both of which I removed A.S.A.P. The former was a real nuisance, and was how I realised that something was happening - not difficult as it placed itself proudly in my taskbar! I have made up my mind to download no more freebies because of these, which is a nuisance because 'adware' programs such as Freediagnose (and other things made by the same company - which I hasten to add were not responsible for anything particularly noticeable) are both very helpful and aesthetically pleasing.

  spuds 01:03 25 Apr 2004

If you follow some of the advice given on this forum, then you will usually find that the good freebie downloads are well reviewed and recommended, and you should have no problems with them.If there are any problems, then the helproom usually as the answer.

There are a number of good download sites, which give star ratings on peoples feedbacks. Snapfiles is a good site for downloads click here PC World is another click here

  floydking 01:54 25 Apr 2004

I must admit that I have used PCWorld many times before and like you I have found most of their downloads to be fine. Though I have had some bad experiences, but I think this may have been more of an incompatibility problem with XP - so that's obviously my own fault. My other biggie has normally been tucows which I have really found hit and miss. Generally things do seem to have become far worse lately. I once enjoyed downloading programs simply to 'figure them out'. Once they had lost their novelty value I dumped them. I found that it was a good way to learn, but now I wouldn't dream of doing this - I think it's a shame regarding total beginners. I think that once you have togged yourself out with all the things you genuinely need, and if possible know that you can trust, it is best to leave mere novelties, and chages for changes sake alone.

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