Advise on new computer

  lilythepink 21:39 16 Aug 2004

I have a new monitor and keyboard, so I want to buy a new up to date computer box. What do you call it and can anyone advise on memory and latest technology please.


  Charence 00:59 17 Aug 2004

If its a case you want have a look at this one from Savastore click here

If you want one with everything else inside it (mobo, cpu, hdd, ram, etc) click here

Memory - what do you do on your PC? What do you expect from it? If you want your PC to be really fast, then get around 1Gb of ram. For normal computer use around 512Mb is enough. What memory you buy depends on the motherboard.


  carver 08:56 17 Aug 2004

Try here for a selection of cases click here some very good cases, try and avoid the cheaper ones with PSU already fitted.

  flubberjack 09:07 17 Aug 2004

If you need a full base unit - click here may be what you are looking for.

Dell and Evesham are also worth a look.

  lilythepink 11:21 17 Aug 2004

I have tried to shop with Dell but I cannot seem to buy the box without the monitor or keyboard.

Mesh looks good, but I would like to have a choice. Is there any point in having a CD BURNING DRIVE as well as a DVD Buring drive, as I have CD'S with info on them.

  rev.bem 11:36 17 Aug 2004

Have one built to your specification.

click here

  ste_bla 11:39 17 Aug 2004

A separate cd writer will be faster than writing a cd in a dvd writer

If you like a certain mesh but want it slightly different you can email them for a quote and they do try to accommodate your requests, thats what i did!

  Urotsukidoji 11:43 17 Aug 2004

priority imo should be given to ram and processor as high spec/ as much as you can afford, then gfx, periferals (dvd rom/ dvd rw etc) then "pretty bits" i.e. case etc

try and aim mid range for gfx, you can always upgrade later,

for costs of bits try overclockers click here or scan click here

hope this helps

  lilythepink 13:57 17 Aug 2004

thanks for everyone's help. Mesh looks a good deal. does anyone know about their warranty or services in Northern Ireland

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