Advice wanted re buying DVD burner

  Rubia 13:30 24 Jan 2005

Running Windows XPhome on Dell Dimension 2350. Have just purchased a camcorder and want to burn edited tapes to DVD to playback on TV. Computer specifiction states " 48XDVD/CDRW Combo Drive "
Does this mean I am unable to burn tapes to DVD ? If so is there software to acheive this or do I need to buy a DVD writer ? Being very new to computing I am not happy with fitting an internal device. Will an external do me and does it just plug in to the USB port ? Can anyone recommend one not costing too much ?

One further point - I have transferred 3 tapes now onto Windows Movie Maker but they come out very blurred on full monitor screen. What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for being patient - I'm learning fast !!

  TomJerry 14:14 24 Jan 2005

(1) yes, you need to get a DVD writer, Internal is cheaper, but external one will do if you PC has usb2 port ot IEEE 1394 (firewire) port, I assume that you have this because you capture video, you can get an internal one, put into an external enclose box and use as external, you can get idea click here

(2) I think that you cannot avoid to open PC up and fit something because the hard driver you got (30GB) is too small for any video editing

(3) Movie marker is not good enough produce DVD, you need to get something like Ulead Videostudio click here

(4) as for video quality, you need to capture it as avi file (very big size, one hour will take 10GB) or MPEG2 (720x576) which movie maker is incapable of doing this.

(5) if you do not want to go all of those trouble, get a "Stand-alone" DVD recorder such as
Home Dual Format LVW-5006B DVD £160 click here

  pj123 14:22 24 Jan 2005

Use the search box on the left hand side of the screen (not the one at the top) and type in vhs to dvd. This should return 21 threads which will give you some idea of what you need and how to go about burning to dvd.

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