Advice on system for photo editing

  tozey 20:45 12 Nov 2010


I am looking for a system for photography (editing). I have been using my laptop for some time but it cant really handle what I am putting it through and the screen just isnt up to it.

So far my research tells me that I dont really need to be targeting a high end 3D graphics card and the most important thing the moniter. Now I dont want to be hanging around waiting for my adobe programs to respond in fact I dont want to have any lagg.

to say I am confused is an understatment, there are so many systems out there and choices of moniter I just dont know where to go next?

can anyone recommend specs I should be looking for? and most importantly a moniter? so far I keep going back to the Dell 2208WFP???


Appreciate your help, oh and my budget is £700 MAX!!!!

  GaT7 01:34 13 Nov 2010

For proper photoediting you basically need a monitor that's NOT based on TN technology, but one with a screen based on PVA / MVA / IPS technology. I think the lattermost IPS is the best & most common these days (detailed info at click here).

Yes, the Dell 2208WF (with a PVA-based screen) will be suitable, but where will you get one from? Or, are you thinking of buying secondhand? Dell's present & affordable IPS-based monitor is the 22" 2209WA: click here (black) & click here (silver). The 24" one is £400+.

You're right about the graphics card. Get the best CPU that falls within your budget, at least 4Gb of RAM (more if affordable) & a largish hard drive (at least 1Tb) & you'll be good to go. For more details on this, it would be best to enquire at a relevant Adobe forum click here. G

  john bunyan 12:55 13 Nov 2010

Re Drives,Adobe Photoshop CS5, which I have, First uses "spare" RAM, so the more the better, but I only have 4 Gig and that is plenty. Then you allocate "Scratch Disks" where the programme uses HD's so I would prefer 2 500 Gig drives rather than one Tb one.
You dont need a "gaming" graphics card, I have a 4 year old NVidia 7800 GTX which is perfectly OK.
A good monitor is needed, but, again I only have a 19" NEC 90GX. Maybe hssutton will comment.

  tozey 17:47 13 Nov 2010

thanks guys

Crossbow, seems I was confused with the model yes the one you quoted is the one I have been looking at..

Heres a question. Should I get PCSpecialist to build it for me? not sure who to trust?

thanks again

  GaT7 18:23 13 Nov 2010

There are good & bad reviews about PCSpecialist (a related forum search click here), but I guess no company is perfect.

Btw, the 2208WF you mentioned was Dell's previous high-end 22" screen. G

  AL47 19:46 13 Nov 2010

i love my dell u2410, i think hp have a similar panel, make sure its not a00 revision

this is an ips panel, i will not buy a tn panel again, the colours are so amazing

i picked mine up from ebay with a 5 yr pixel perfect warranty for £375 delivered

  AL47 19:48 13 Nov 2010

although te monitor i mention is 24 dell and hps premium range are really the only ones that arent cheap or much much more,

amateur high end not professional is where id say these panels sit

  GaT7 20:04 13 Nov 2010

"i picked mine up from ebay with a 5 yr pixel perfect warranty"

Was that PCBuyIt by any chance? They have an online store as well click here with the 2209WA in stock click here.

Their monitor warranty terms state: "All of our Dell monitors are sold with a pixel perfect guarantee for the duration of the warranty period, in the unlikely event your monitor has ANY pixel defect we will arrange for the monitor to be replaced next working day, to arrange this simply email us the monitor serial number, order reference or invoice number, the address and a contact mobile of where you would like it replaced. Calls must be logged before 4pm qo qualify.(UK Customers only)......"

I don't think any other store has such good terms regarding monitor replacements. G

  Terry Brown 20:18 13 Nov 2010

Before you splash out on new hardware, try Google Picassa click here
It will run on most machines and has a fairly good system of editing photo's.


  Proclaimer 22:12 13 Nov 2010

look at this manufacturer for the monitor. click here I have one and for imaging work it is hard to beat.

  GaT7 22:23 13 Nov 2010

Terry, it looks like tozey will be doing photoediting on a pro to semi-pro level. While Picasa isn't bad (especially for a freebie), it is nowhere near the pro photoediting software that he intends to use.

Proclaimer, I think money IS an object. From the last line in the 1st post: "my budget is £700 MAX". That would barely cover a top-end 22-24" Eizo monitor wouldn't it? G

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