Advice Required on Upgrading or buying new

  Garethandmanda 16:15 24 Nov 2011

Bit of a vague one this but any good advice is appreciated.

Basically my PC is now starting to show its age (7yrs) and is experiencing slowing up whilst running software such as FM2012. I'm a very undemanding gamer and browser so I don't need it to run like a demon, but its obviously having a few issues. The spec is:

Windows XP (SP3) DirectX 9.0c Intel Pentium 4, 3.2GHz GA-8I848PM Motherboard with i848P chipset 1024MB ATI Raeon HD4600 Graphics card (as soundly suggested on this forum c.18 months ago)

With this spec and the fact that I just want it to run recent software smoother am I better off buying new or just upgrading certain components. If the latter, does anyone have suggestions as to good low-mid range options?

Thanks very much in advance for advice.


  [email protected] 16:38 24 Nov 2011

Your graphics card should be fine if you're not a serious gamer, and fine for FM2012. The weak link in your system is your CPU so you're looking at a motherboard / CPU / RAM replacement at a minimum.

Personally I'd be looking at a SandyBridge i3, or i5 if your budget stretches far enough. You can buy 8GB DDR3 RAM for £30 here. A motherboard such as this should do the job. If you plan to keep your current hard drive and DVD drive then check they have SATA connections, because if they have the old IDE connections (ribbon cables) you'll either need to replace them too or find a motherboard with an IDE socket (one IDE socket supports 2 devices).

Hope that helps get you started.

  Garethandmanda 16:06 18 Dec 2011

Sorry for not replying (rather rude of me), but thanks [email protected] for info. Get the impression mine is SATA, as there are ribbon cables all over the shop. Will take the info you have given though and look at the SATA options around and about.


  Diemmess 17:44 18 Dec 2011

Why not brand new? If funds are short that is reason enough,but be cautious. I'm not convinced that your "old" one is SATA and almost certainly a DVD drive in in a 7 year old PC would be IDE.

You can make an improvement on old faithful as the other members have suggested, but if you are thinking of Win 7 it might be better to start from scratch and keep old faithful as a standby until it doesn't hurt too much to give it away or take it for recycling.

Before you finally make up your mind have a look at Novatech. enter link description here They offer every level of new, from real budget level through to the screamer you don't need.

Novatech too are honest traders with a long outstanding attitude of care about their customers and hope to see them back again for more.

  [email protected] 19:43 18 Dec 2011

Garethandmanda, I think there has been a misunderstanding. SATA is the new type of connection that looks like this the bottom one in this image, while IDE is the old type that uses ribbon cables such as the top one in that image.

  [email protected] 19:43 18 Dec 2011

Sorry wrong link. I meant this image

  Garethandmanda 22:09 18 Dec 2011

Yes, suddenly realised when opening PC back up again. Looks like hard drive is SATA but the CD drive is definitely IDE

  [email protected] 23:00 18 Dec 2011

OK well in that case you could keep your current hard drive for now (which is handy as the recent floods in Thailand has caused the price of hard drives to increase sharply lately).

My advice would be to get the motherboard and RAM previously suggested, the best i3 or i5 you can afford from this range, a new DVD drive, and unless you've already got a high quality PSU, then a one such as this or this.

  jjones31 17:13 04 Jan 2012

well i got mine from Build Your Box not that long ago. good pc

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